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Throw the Whole Damn Text Away!

Why SMS and DM communication should be Eliminated!

By Jay LeTron DobbinsPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read
Throw the Whole Damn Text Away!
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Sending a quick SMS or DM letting a friend or love one know you are late, or an address to an event is OK and accepted in my standards. However, this method of communication should be only used for minimum reasons. Stop texting people at work! Let them earn a living so they can pay some bills! Women, you cannot wonder why he is not communicating with you during work hours. Simple, he is working! I'm going to give two good reason why data messaging should be eliminated from "normal" communication and this should be a standard that demands someone speak on the phone as much as possible.

The art of communication is a very special and should not be taken lightly. People can be often misunderstood very easily misread what is being sent to them when receiving a text. This form of messaging has completely blasted us back to the Stone-Age. This hinders our ability to effectively communicate. If I see another woman send me an acronym after telling me how educated she is, I am going to loss my mind! "WYD" "LMO" "FYI" and a host of others can go in the trash with the whole texting system. Talk to me like you have common sense (that's the problem right there), common sense is not so common these days. Have we become that lazy to the point where we cannot schedule a time to meet, or block off a minutes of our day to have a complete conversation to see how the other is doing? I tell people that I have a common rule. This rule is standard to everyone I communicate with, new and old friends. I we have to exchange more than three replies to each other during a SMS or DM transition, we need to be on the phone with each other. Ladies, I know that giving your phone number is a safety concern and I agree 100 percent. This is why signing up for a voice over IP line is the key. The verbal communication is there and the risk factor is minimal until the trust is gained. Verbal communication is very important! We need to hear each other for various reasons!

Our surroundings give others a clear indication as to who we are. We both need to have a clear concept of the people we are dealing with and their surroundings they are connected with, will eventually be connected to us if we are not careful. The importance of hearing the background allow us to hear what is going on and verify if he or she is truly single or not. Think about it for a minute. Is there a problem calling someone at hours where they are around family, or is texting more "convenient" for this person? Why is a conversation with this person difficult at 10pm, or 6am in the morning? These are times when couples are most likely together and it is much easier to texting, vs calling. Do not be deceived! Texting and DM are the number one communication for the "sneaky link". Demand more and set a standard for that person to speak to y0u. If they cannot make time, then they don't need to be bothered.

Take a long thought and think about why texting vs talking is allowed in your relationship. Should conversation take place in the method of texting? Make an effort to replace texting with actually speaking to that friend, or person of interest. How will this change in the relationship? Will talking on the phone more than texting allow this person to reveal their surroundings? This is why cheating has so much power. If there is any amount of self respect, refuse the communication of DM and SMS as the norm!


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Casual writer! Love to express in print! Tell people how you feel and love life to the fullest with no regrets. Try to say something good about a person when they can hear it, and not when they are gone! Love like no tomorrow.

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