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This autumn can be a memory

by Tripoli Flynn 3 months ago in art
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I walked alone on the corner of the street late at night

This autumn can be a memory
Photo by Akshat Kumar on Unsplash

I walked alone on the corner of the street late at night, all voices were silent as if understanding my mood, the sound of wind and rain also quietly faded away the noise, leaving only the dampness mixed with the cold breath, greedily eroding the whole street. I lost my soul walking, let the tears flow from the cheeks, do not want to wipe, do not want to wipe, let the teardrops and rain together with the earth, leaving a brief mark.

Love - home. The rain gradually stopped, the breeze behind the curtains blowing the small banyan tree slowly swaying, the leaves on the residual drops, moving mischievously, flashing and twinkling, touching my eyes. I retired from my dusty and tired clothes, but my mind was in turmoil and I had no desire to sleep. After freshening up, I lit a cigarette, stood by the window, took a deep puff, and closed my eyes in the clouds of smoke to contemplate. The cool breeze blowing in the window made me shiver and pulled back my thoughts. Although it is springtime, always feel the cold invasion, as if the things in this house, also hidden in the cold, did not bring me a trace of home warmth. Perhaps, there is a piece of paper on the wall that I once wrote down, which can give me a little warmth; or perhaps, I just want to live in my autumn. For me, the change of seasons is just confusion, and the source of my thoughts is just the bunch of sunflowers in autumn. I sat dumbly at the window, meditating, thinking, and my thoughts had long flown away.

The idea is like the wind, maybe it's just unrequited love. Where are you? My heart is silently praying. The thoughts lurking in the dense forest of my heart, let me see you in a sunken dream, maybe you are beside me. The forestry that separates you and me without destiny, makes me not see you. You are always behind me, when I turn around, you have long disappeared, into these deep woods. Thinking of you, thinking of you; pining, pining; drowning. I hope the cold windy fate will turn into the warm wind again, I'll always wait for your appearance! See each other, know each other, know each other! You are like a blooming sunflower, not as delicate as other flowers, but bring me joy I have never had before. Whenever the sun shines, your golden splendid flower disk, smiling and quiet. Every branch and leaf that stretches out gives me the courage to pursue it. Yellow petals sprinkled with transparent drops of water. Like slowly falling teardrops, tainted with the taste of sunlight, warm and friendly. Carrying my heart full of thoughts, let me fascinated by it ......

The story with you, as if only in the autumn of that year. My love, do you ever know? I miss the whispered dreams of the past, in which I whispered your little name and woke up, but only the loneliness of the late night. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The first time I met you, I stopped to look back at you, and I was fascinated by you. So I entrusted my heart, my feelings, my intentions, all to you! I thought I had gotten the "heart of love", but now I am still lonely under the sunset of the wasteland, alone! Once for you to wait for the poem, but also in the night of thoughts alone silently read ......

Junyao Sunflower

I'm alone before the red roses bloom, in July this year, I miss you.

I was a guest under the flowers of June-Yo, charmed and charming a hundred kinds of flowers.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get you to be happy.

The old traces of moist silk have dried up, hoping to get a sunflower to the sun.

Autumn, with a sad heart, and my favorite is also autumn. Spring is too beautiful, too gorgeous; summer is too strong, too determined; winter is too cold, too bone-chilling; only autumn, calm and peaceful, but also quiet and spontaneous. I only love autumn, perhaps, because it is the time of sunflower blooming. Like in the evening of autumn, with the heart of the sadness and thoughts, leaning alone on the fence, with wine as a companion. Listen to the "brightest star in the night sky", humming carelessly: whenever I can't find the meaning of existence, whenever I'm lost in the night, the brightest star in the night sky, please guide me closer to you ...... how beautiful the lyrics, but also the words that can best express my heart.

Now, the autumn that was once full of sentimentality and memories has long since passed away, and that splendid golden landscape that fascinated me will gradually fade away. When I was still immersed in these heartfelt memories, another brand new season has slowly come, as if to tell me that people always have to look ahead and say goodbye to yesterday's sadness, and parting sorrow.

Yes, time never comes back, and the past can only be recalled. Why not treasure this memory, and put away the bag of love, perhaps, the next season, is still a breeze, birds, and flowers. I'm looking forward to her arrival, I'm looking forward to the next season will have what kind of unexpected encounter.


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