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The beauty of first sight

by Tripoli Flynn 3 months ago in art
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The gentle breeze blew on my face

The beauty of first sight
Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

The gentle breeze blew on my face. The tranquil waves of water reflect the beautiful faces of the visitors. The weeping willows and poplar branches, competing for new shoots and budding greenery, make people imagine that they have been longing for spring. The rhythmic sound of the green bamboo grove swaying, accompanied by the melody of the dreamy stream, is like a beautiful musical sound floating, intoxicating!

  The girlfriend who accompanied me for the first time, wearing a red charming jacket, I do not know what is on her mind at this time. Is it the same as my mood, love at first sight! Like-minded!

  This is my first meeting with my first girlfriend in Zizhuyuan Park, I saw the beauty of the day, heard the wonderful sound, and also the mood of my meeting with her on that night to make memories.

  It happened to be Women's Day, with a bright spring day and birdsong. The soft music of the Purple Bamboo Garden made me feel the beauty of life! The melody of people singing and dancing, and the sound of birds murmuring, all seemed to be a blessing for our first meeting!

  We walked one after another along the green path of the bamboo forest, talking to each other without speaking and looking a little unnatural. We walked through the bamboo forest to the place where peach blossoms were in full bloom, which reminded me of a poem written by Cui Gu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, entitled "The South Village of the Capital": "Last year, today in this door, human face peach blossoms reflecting red. I don't know where the human face is going, but the peach blossoms are still smiling at the spring breeze." We still did not speak to each other, I took out the ready camera, and gave her a few shots, she looked more youthful and beautiful under the red peach blossoms, charming! At that time can be seen her face smiling like peach blossoms.

  Leaving the place where the peach blossoms were in full bloom, we came to the small lake where the willows were reflected by the lake island and the breeze was fragrant. I want to recite it out loud, but I feel embarrassed. A pair of small couples on the river lightly rocking the love boat, sometimes laughing, sometimes whispering, really a happy scene! What a sight to envy! She saw my mind, with a hint of coyness on her face, she told me her name was Rong Rong, doing foreign language teaching, her personality is a bit introverted, but also a bit lively, you call me Rong Rong well, I nodded to her with a smile, you call me Mo Dan it, I am engaged in painting and calligraphy teaching, and so the lock between our hearts finally opened, and each other closer to some. That day she wore a red coat, with beige gloves on her hands, and her mid-length hair emitted a light fragrance. We stayed at the small lake for a long time, chatting with each other very happy, using the camera selfie function to take a few snuggled photos together, looking very close, not at all feel that we two are the first time meet, but I hope this is the best start in life it!

  Time flies, the sky is getting darker, and I am a bit resentful of God, why is the daytime can not be longer, so we can talk together for a while, time does not wait for people, this is the law of nature. We reluctantly left the Purple Bamboo Institute, I sent her to live downstairs in the district, and after greeting each other, I returned home.

  In the evening, I wrote a love poem about my meeting with her and my feelings: "The wind and the water reveal their beauty, the willow branches are full of spring thoughts. The purple bamboo dream stream is intoxicating, the red dress is now for you." On the phone that night to send her, she received, very touched, so I did not expect to share the love poem I wrote and the group photo we took together with her friends, for me, this is how happy and happy!

  The first impression is more expensive than gold, love, at first sight, close the distance between me, the days after, we send each other text messages every day, she does not love to call, always I take the initiative to call her, through a period of emotional exchange, each other expressed love, so we sowed three seeds of love! The first seed is called "passion", each other crazy love for each other to reckless; the second seed is called "intimate", each other intimate life together, through all kinds of love and hate; the third seed is called "commitment The third seed is called "commitment", to each other regardless of rich or poor, old or sick, and spend their lives in peace.

  We agreed to go to the old place where we first met ------- Zizhuyuan every Saturday or Sunday of the week.

  We got along for about two months or so, one night I called her and learned from the conversation that her father was hospitalized, I told her at the time, prepare to go back down with the line, we will go back to your home tomorrow to visit your father in the hospital, she heard, very touched, very politely told me, no, I am very determined attitude, must go, your father is sick, the heart first thought is their children around, do not go how How can I make my family feel at ease? She agreed, and I was very happy!

  I do the work of painting and calligraphy art, calm personality, and usually always like to float long hair, with a long goatee, such an image that can go to see her parents, seems too disrespectful to her family. That night, I came to Chongwenmen Huashi Street aesthetic hair art store and cut their beloved long hair and beard, so I do not feel at all reluctant because my image is the minimum respect for her family.

  The next day we returned to her home just in time for her brother to pick up her father from the hospital. Her father was recovering quite well, not as he had just come out of the hospital, he spoke kindly and could see that he was very approachable, after greeting each other, I got into the car and went back to her house together.

  Her mother prepared a sumptuous meal for us, cooked personally wrapped dumplings, and remembered my favorite pork ear, her mother was a youth from Beijing who went to the countryside during the Cultural Revolution. From the look on her mother's face and the way she treated people, we could see that she was a very kind mother!

  Her mother graduated from Beijing Normal School and had three uncles and an aunt. The family grew up in Beijing, and her eldest uncle graduated from Tsinghua University and was decentralized to Xinjiang due to the Cultural Revolution. Her mother's family is in the center of the capital near the Hepingmen ancient quadrangle, the quadrangle is very large, said to have as many as twelve, the quadrangle because it is adjacent to the Beijing Calligraphy and Painting Antique Center Liulichang, because I often have to go to various calligraphy and painting institute exchange study, so pass by this quadrangle opportunity more, very regrettable, this quadrangle has been preserved by the national cultural relics department as the capital's ancient cultural relics, the quadrangle around there are several security guards in There are still a few security guards around the courtyard.

  Her mother asked me if everything was fine at home, and she spoke the Beijing dialect so well. The walls of her parent's room were covered with colorful lead paintings, including lotus flowers, swallows flying freely, and lush willows. Looking at these paintings, I asked her mother, "Did you paint these yourself?" Her mother told me humbly that she had taught herself in her spare time to teach her little grandson to paint, and that she was not good at it, so you could give her some pointers. The lotus leaves, the branches of the willow, and the wings of the swallows would be more natural if they were painted more perfectly.

  From the short conversation I had with her mother, I could see that she was very satisfied with me! Because her mother always had a smile on her face!

  About four o'clock, her brother and sister-in-law, younger siblings and young nephew also came over, talking about her brother and younger brother, we are still comrades because we all served in the army and transferred back to the local area, talking about the army life, we are very happy together, also very involved, always feel that there is an endless conversation about the army past.

  Her family has a better impression of me and is very satisfied with me. I am very happy with her because my family supports us in being together. Especially her father also gave me a lot of encouragement and also told us to cherish the relationship and live a good life. I remember her father's most profound words to me: "It's hard to buy money to look back." These words have always inspired me. Whenever I encounter setbacks and lose my enthusiasm, I always remind myself to calm down and look back while moving on, to find the will and strength to struggle that is lost in the journey of life!

  I returned to Beijing with her family's wishes for me and encouragement to live our life together in a practical way and started our new life.


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