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The World Changes

by Jayson Rich 5 years ago in dating
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Girl & Guy Story

She looks into the mirror and frowns making a noticeable noise to match her face and mood about what she sees looking back at her from the reflection. Guy hears her from the couch as his video games fire up, he looks timidly over his shoulder towards the bathroom where he is sure Girl is still outwardly upset about the new change. Stuck in a dilemma, Guy glances back between the game screen and the bathroom door mouth open not sure of what exactly he should do at this point. Before he can decide on a plan to react, Girl storms out of the bathroom, clearly still not satisfied with the modification. In another second before Guy can even blink she's gone out of sight into the kitchen.

Guy speaks loud so that she can hear "Ya know Love—"

Girl interrupts even louder and with an edge of anger, "Do not even start with me right now!!!"

Almost in perfect sync with her, there's a slam of some dishes. It makes Guy wince looking back at the loading game screen and wonder how upset she could REALLY be, and if he should maybe play a round or two before trying to talk to her. The guy reaches slowly for the controller when her angry voice pierces the atmosphere.

The girl yells, "You really have nothing to say about this whole situation!?!"

He turns around even slower arm still outstretched only to find Girl now standing in the kitchen doorway glaring menacingly directly at him.

"You are so magnificently beautiful when you're angry… especially with me," Guy says almost nervously.

Girl smirks staring to lighten up about everything. Then she realizes he is still reaching for the controller, rolling her eyes she crosses her arms.

"You're ridiculous, you know that right???... First, you do this." The girl points at her hair, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. The stance of pure attitude. "And now you're just going to play games like nothing is wrong!?!"

Guy stares at her hair then his look matches hers.

He responds, "That's because nothing is WRONG. I mean look you wanted it to be spontaneous, to do something new—"

Girl interjects smacking the controller from his hand "New!!! Spontaneous!!! Yes… not terrible!!!"

Guy returns, "You're the one being ridiculous now, look things change all the time," he says as he hops over the couch leaving nothing between them but air and opportunity before he continues.

"Nothing stays the same forever my love… not a thing."

The girl sighs loudly shifting her weight from one leg to the other again, attitude alone keeping her stance solid and throwing her hips.

"When I asked you to come with me and help me pick a new style. THIS is not what I had in mind," Girl says to Guy and follows up immediately with "What did you even tell her to do to my hair???"

Guy sidesteps the question completely ignoring it. Instead, he reaches and grabs Girl by the waist kissing her on the forehead trying to defuse the situation.

"I think what's more important is why don't you like it???" He pulls Girl over to the window.

"We are NOT doing this again," Girl almost giggles as she starts to break her poker face with a smirk.

"It's the same every time, the same window, the same stuff. In fact, I'm starting to wonder if you like this window more than me. I might be jealous. Is there something I should know about my lover and this ordinary window???" she jokes now trying to get a reaction from Guy now. Struggling to stay mad at him.

He stops with her in front of him in their all too familiar positions when he says "Yes there is something you should know about this window…" and pauses a moment.

It isn't long before Girl says, "I'll bite what is it then???"

The guy answers, "What isn't it???"

Girl stomps her feet, "Now you KNOW that's not fair!!!"

Guy pulls away quickly rushes the step to the window and points excitedly, "Look right here!!!"

He exclaims, finger inches away from a crack that has spider webbed its way across the glass.

"'I'm going to stop you right there," Girl says back in a serious tone "because you definitely said you were ready. And YOU said to toss it as fast as I could, I've already said I'm not sorry and I will not fix that. I—"

She's interrupted by Guy's loud laughter that's so strong he has to hunch over. Eventually, he calms down and sighs before taking her hand in his.

The guy starts again, "No, no love. I mean look!!! This window didn't always look like this. It was once clear and without so much as a scratch."

He rubs his open palm against the window with so much pressure it makes an audible smirching noise.

"But now," Guy continues, "it has this new look this amazing design that separates it from any other window in this house and possibly the world. Now when you look through the glass you see the different arrays of light, the splitting of a simple a hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients and cooling them all rapidly."

Girl pulls away staring at Guy with growing suspicion and slight amazement, "Why do you know that??? Have you been watching those random documentaries while I'm at work again??? Did you practice reciting that???"

Guys jaw drops and freezes for a moment before he continues avoiding answering this question as though it was never asked, "This crack, this imperfect perfection, gives the world outside an entirely new spectrum. This small thing changes the entire world you could say."

Girl smiles in the wide-eyed grin that means everything to Guy, in turn making him smile back.

"Are you saying you like the new hairstyle???" she asks kissing his cheek softly, one hand around Guy's neck.

"What I'm saying… is that I love it. That you could never look anything other astonishing and remarkable and marvelous and stunning to me because I love you and only you."

After another long kiss, they rest their foreheads against each other and lock eyes.

The girl says "So what DID you tell the stylist before she did my hair???"

The guy smiles "Well," he says dramatically and exasperated "when you finally agreed to let me choose the hairstyle, she asked me if I wanted to make you the most beautiful girl in the world. Then I said you already were to me…"

"Awww I love you so much—" Girl wails.

Guy murmurs under his breath, "So then I said surprise me"

The girl stops and narrows her eyes, "What was that???"


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Jayson Rich

People have always loved to read what I write, and I've always loved to write what people want to read. From research to romance...

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