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The wine in the bottle

by Gina Solomon about a year ago in dating
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Moody Merlot

Photo by Sen Lee on Unsplash

“Ava, I am so glad you made it. This little wine tasting party has really gotten to be fun and so many people you have just got to meet.” Tracy was grinning for ear to ear as she took her colleges coat and hung it up on a hook already loaded down with coats next to 2 other hooks in the same condition.

“Goodness, you did say this was the party I just had to make time for.” Ava noticed the pile of coats and the din of conversations going on just around the corner.

“Come with me and I will get you a glass of wine. Red or white?” Tracy led the way to the noise and as Ava turned the corner she was given the impression everyone was wearing a mask and the conversations were only deceptions brought forth to hide the true natures of each person there. Like a fancy looking label on a bottle to help it sell. What matters is the flavour inside and until you open the bottle you won’t know anything about its truth.

“Red please” Ava answered as she looked around the room, wondering if she knew anyone in the room at all.

“I will be right back, oh and this is Aimee.” Tracy took the hand of a woman standing with 2 men and another lady and guided her to face Ava. “Aimee is here to meet people just like you.”

“Hi, I’m Ava.” She said as she cautiously extended her hand to shake Aimee’s, once Tracy had released it.

“Oh, hi. Did you just arrive? You have to meet Lloyd..” as she was shaking Ava’s hand she shifted herself to face the 3 she had just been pulled away from. Lloyd hearing his name turned to shake Ava’s hand. “.. and Jonathan and Tessa.” Each turned and shook Ava’s hand in turn.

“Hi.” Ava said to each as she shook their hands. What more can you say to a person with a dubious smile and typical handshake. Ava tried to put on a genuine smile and seem interested in the conversation. It was not her usual scene and meeting people was never a favourite thing to do.

“Here Ava, try this moody merlot.” Tracy handed a glass of dark red wine to Ava with a wink and quickly turned away and started talking to someone a few feet away.

The 5 of them spoke about themselves and asked each other questions to get to know more about ‘the wine within the bottle’, but as things progressed Ava started to see the glass of merlot she held was more interesting. She decided to find a way to excuse herself from the group and settled on emptying her wine glass and going for a refill, the most appealing.

When Ava returned from the kitchen with another glass of merlot she scanned the room for Tracy and found her in a conversation with a rather animated young woman talking with her hands and laughing at her own jokes. Ava’s first thought was ‘way too much energy there’, and decided to head for a corner of the room that had a large picture window and less people. She figured she could enjoy the view with her wine at least. She just had to make an effort or show that she had, long enough for Tracy not to scold her on Monday for leaving early.

“Ava, right?” Ava turned as she heard her name, so much for the view she thought.

“Ya, hi and your name was?” Hoping he would take it as a hint of disinterest.

“Jonathan. How’s the wine? Is it moody?” As he said moody he made a gun action towards her with his thumb and fore finger.

“It’s a nice merlot.” Not finding the tease of the moody comment at all engaging. Nor the gun action even remotely charming.

Johnathan made further attempts to engage her and try to get her to ask him questions about himself, obviously his own favourite subject. After the 3rd cheesy attempt at humour, Jonathan turned to Ava and asked her “Do you even have a sense of humour? Come on, my jokes are funny.” He spoke with a smile and jovial mood.

“I just don’t think your jokes are worth my laughing at” emphasis on jokes because she was rather bored with his childish attempt to provoke her.

“Oh come on, other girls find me funny” he says with a tilt of his head, knowing he had given her a chance to insult him. An opening he knew he could continue with and make her open up just a bit. She gave him the same blank, bored look she had been since their first introduction. Her eyes obviously taking in the crowd around them more than their conversation.

“You obviously lack an ability to appreciate anything funny” waving his hand in her direction, to show he was starting to get annoyed himself

“That is a rather narcissistic point of view.” Ava said as she creased her brow and started wishing she had already left.

Shock and disbelief were obvious in his face but he quickly tried to look calm, “Why would you say that?” This was clearly a new angle for him.

“You immediately blame me for your inability to be humorous. The truth is too much for you to accept and therefore find fault with others to make up for it.” She then turned squarely to face him and make full eye contact, “You might actually grow up if you tried accepting your own flaws instead of blaming others. But that’s just my opinion.” She then stepped forward even closer to him and he drew back as though a physical attack was coming, but she just shifted her weight and turned to walk past him. He was no longer anything to her accept an avoidance in her path. She was done giving him her time.

He couldn’t believe she had just made such a power move on him and he was left in the dust. No woman had ever gotten the better of him like that and he was at a loss for words. He would have to think this situation over later and make sure it never happened again. It was an unsettling feeling. He quickly scanned the room for an easy target to boost himself back up and was drawn to the sound of soft laughter, clearly his kind of girl.

Ava walked into the kitchen to put down her glass and as the wine shifted and swirled in the glass she wished people were in clear glass bottles instead of dark ones with labels covering them. If we could see into them just a little we might be able to avoid the sour, vinegar like ones a little more often. She decided letting Tracy scold her on Monday for leaving was worth getting away from this party and grabbed her coat as she ducked out the door as quickly as she could. At least the actual wine was appealing.


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Gina Solomon

Life is an adventure and sometimes the adventure is figuring out who you are and why you have learned so many odd skills years before. I think it is time to share my adventures in stories my imagination has been aching to create.

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