The Wild One

by Phoenix Tales 2 years ago in dating

You saved me from myself.

The Wild One

Unexpected is an understatement. To say I wasn't looking for anyone or anything, also an understatement. I wanted to be solo for the rest of my life. My scars luminous and unwavering. I had no want to let anyone see them, let alone heal them.

I had grown a thick layer of protection around myself. Almost like wearing a coat of armour ready to yield to no one. I was unaware of this, however, it was an accidental process. Whilst I repaired each broken piece of me, it glued tighter to my surface than before, almost suffocating at times.

Then you. You didn't just happen. In fact I don't remember much about before you. I don't remember when we first kissed or even when we first started talking properly. I remember the first time we met, and then I remember suddenly wanting to open myself up to you. Being okay with the thought of someone seeing me, all of me, again.

I will forever smile when I reminisce our times together. They were so short but oh, so very sweet. We spoke a language no one else understood. And we liked it that way. We had our own world, a bubble of contentment, and no other human could enter it. It was wonderful.

I called you my ray, and I was yours. I had not met someone quite like you before. Every time you walked into a room you brightened it with a blinding sunshine. No human could ever be down around you. I loved that about you.

I won't write about our adventures; they were just for me and you.

Exploring a new land, a brand new corner of the world I'd never seen before, was utterly magical. I hold that place so inexplicably deep in my soul. A rush of warmth and unmitigated bliss surges over and through me down to my very core, every time I think of that place. With you.

Parted too soon, we never got to finish our chapter. But, being the specimens we are, were somewhat glad for this. Instead of despairing at the time we didn't get, we relished in the time we did. Every single moment a treasure held so close to my heart.

Otherworldly, extraordinary, spellbinding. No amount of adjectives can definitively describe our story. It is one of my favourite books and I often re-read it in my mind.

Whenever we talk, it's just the same. Utter happiness in each others endeavours. Forever wanting only the best for one another.

Oh my, you were a wild one. The wild one. You saved me from myself, when I never even knew I needed saving.

You set me free again. You made my soul passionate again. Not for things, but for life. It was as if I had been wearing tinted sunglasses for the longest time and you took them off; opened my eyes again to the beauty this world has to offer. People were kind again, places were majestic again, life was exquisite again.

It is not often you meet someone who leaves an impact like that. An imprint in my flesh, an energy that has its own bloodflow.

I'm proud of the man that you are, I'm proud to have met you, and I'm proud to have danced those dances with you.

I know you know how fond I am of you and of the time we spent together, but I don't think I ever told you what you really gifted me with. Passion.

For this I will forever be grateful, I will always carry you with me.

Thank you.

Phoenix Tales
Phoenix Tales
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