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The two people who are destined to be together


By Shi WeiPublished 8 months ago 4 min read


The fate between people is amazing, those you never thought you would meet people, not only met, some have become your life can not be erased color.


Everything is the arrangement of fate, no matter sooner or later, you will always meet a person, and you sympathize with the soul.

You are like two fish swimming at the bottom of the sea for a long time, suddenly met, without any signs, from then on hand in hand with each other, this life will not change.

Your meeting is destined, from the moment you meet, you have a strong idea in your heart to join hands for life.

This is a silent tacit understanding, this tacit understanding is brought about by unspeakable telepathy.

Because two people are destined for each other, so from the moment they meet, there is an induction between the heart and the mind. Even if the two people are on different sides of the world, the induction never stops.

So we have reason to believe that the two people who are destined to be together are telepathically connected.


"The body has no colorful phoenix wings, the heart has a telepathic connection." Two people who are destined to be together, not only the hearts and minds of each other but also the souls of each other.

Whether the two people have not always been together, this telepathic communication can not be less.

The two people who are destined to be together will sense each other's misses

The most tacit understanding of telepathy is when you are missing someone, he also happens to be thinking about you.

The misses between you can cross the sea to collide together, and then rub out the sparks of love, igniting the light of happiness.

You do not have to say what you miss, he can also be the first time to sense, and will think more deeply than you.

No matter when you think of him, he will give you a timely response, not to let your miss empty.

No matter how far apart you are, you can sense each other's misses. It is like holding a thread, a little movement can be perceived.

You miss each other is interchangeable, as long as the miss sprouted in the heart, will soon grow into a huge tree, and can not be stopped.

If you can successfully sense a person misses you, that means you two are destined to be together. Such a good fate, you need to double to cherish it.

Two people who are destined to be together will sense each other's emotional changes

Emotional changes are very subtle, if a person does not deliberately show, it is difficult for others to detect them the first time.

But for the two people destined to be together, even if the other just a little emotional change, can immediately sense.

It is so wonderful that it can make two people become one, no matter what kind of change, can be sensed.

You can sense his happiness, and then also with him to be happy. He can sense your sadness, so try to make you happy.

You do not need too many words between you, just a look, a subtle change in expression, you can immediately understand each other in the end what is thinking.

This kind of telepathy is unmatched, it not only represents the tacit understanding between two people but also reflects the deep love affair with each other.

You can get such a destiny, is a blessing, and you have to cherish it.

You have to believe that even if you have not yet come to fruition, it is destined to go on for life.

The two people who are destined to be together will sense each other's thoughts and ideas

Everyone has their mind, and everyone has different ideas. Finding commonalities in the differences also depends on tacit understanding.

Not everyone can establish a full tacit understanding, and not everyone can have the same heart and thoughts. Those who can do this are destined for fate.

The two people who are destined to be together are like doppelgangers of each other. No matter what the other person is thinking, no matter what kind of mind exists in the other person, it can be sensed.

Although there are differences between the two people's minds and thoughts, it is easy to agree because of the love in each other's hearts.

So you will also argue because of different ideas, that your relationship has never been affected, but become more indestructible.

You can understand his thoughts, he can accept your mind; you can respect his choice, and he can tolerate your mind to the desert. You are a natural pair. No one can be separated.

If you have met such a person, then go on well with him, do not disappoint the fate of your favor.


Do you believe in lifelong love? Do you believe that two people will always be together?

Perhaps you have doubts, but you should know that fate has long made arrangements.

Maybe you have not experienced such love, but you have to believe that sooner or later, you will also meet a person who is attached to your soul, life, and death.

Although you do not know when he will appear, at the moment of his appearance, you will have a strong sense.

Telepathy between you is a kind of mutual identification of the code. Once you have met such a person, you should do your best to guard.

I hope you will soon understand that the two people who are destined to be together, are telepathic, this induction will never dissipate.


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Shi Wei

I like to travel, but I don't like to arrive at my destination.

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