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The Twisting Train

The Last Ride

By Shelby Hagood Published 2 months ago 3 min read

Jeanie and Reeba had been friends for a few years, but already knew each other well enough to have conversations without needing to speak. They were in the middle of a loud amusement park. Music and screaming with songs on loops and the smell of pretzels with pizza coating the air. Rides were clacking on their tracks as they stood in line at the end of the day for one last ride before calling it done: The Twisting Train. It was a ride that looked like a train and twisted in thrills while sounding a horn.

All Jeanie had to do was look between Reeba and the train to know that was what they wanted to end the day on. They loved trains and this ride was perfect for them. They both wiped sweat off of their faces that were greasy with sunscreen and skipped to their last thrill. As they waited, the person in front of them kept staring at their phone and taking forever to move forward. Reeba looked back in a panic and Jeanie knew she was concerned someone might sneakily cut them. Jeanie pat Reeba on the shoulder for comfort. No one looked like they wanted to sneak up as far as Jeanie could tell.

Reeba relaxed and stared at the direction screen for the ride while making their way slowly to the front. The directions were made more entertaining with fun cartoons and silly songs. Both of them sat near the front and buckled their seatbelts for the ride. Jeanie squeezed the handlebars to brace for the ride as it sounded it’s horn clicked up to the top.

Both of them looked down the drop as it sat for a moment and gave one another a look of a playful uh oh as the ride flew down the tracks. The girls laughed as their hair whipped around both of them. Wild hair covered their faces while the ride twisted and turned in all different directions. They put their hands up for peace signs when the photo snapped and both giggled. Roller coaster photos were always funny to them when everyone was in the middle of getting whipped by the ride.

The ride came to its end and they both sighed in sadness that the ride was finished. They grabbed their roller coaster photo to remember the day by and walked to the exit of the park. Stuffed animals were in tow from the carnival games they had played, both wanting to see if they were as rigged as people had said. They brought cash to pay for the games in order to throw bean bags and darts. The popping of balloons and ringing of wins had them thrilled and jumping for joy. They had won enough for a small stuffed cat and pig, which made them happy enough even if they didn’t get a giant stuffed animal. Maybe one day they would find a way to win big.

Their day at the park had ended as they both slumped tired back towards their hotel room. Reeba took another look back at the park and Jeanie nodded at her in enthusiasm about the great fun they had. They both stopped by the hotel store for snacks before crashing together in their room. They shared pictures back and forth they had taken, silently remembering all the rides they flew on and shows they danced to. After this, they turned on a relaxing TV show to enjoy. Not a word needed. Just the sound of the show and munching of snacks before they both drifted off to sleep.


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