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The true story of my roommate

by king 4 months ago in friendship
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I'm not talking about a great man, or a man in disaster.

Just the most ordinary guy, my roommate. My roommate was transferred to our professional, looking at the kind of honest and honest, usually love reading. Here's the background. When he was a freshman, he was just like us. He flunked last semester, and he was happy all day. He talked a lot about life and ideals with me. A lot of things happened in the freshman year. We were completely different from each other in the eyes of outsiders, but we would talk once in a while, and his diary mentioned something about me. At that time, the impression of him was that he loved reading and read everything, but mainly focused on the humanities. During the second semester of my freshman year (or the first semester of my sophomore year) two things happened. His classmate (out of town) family accident, mother died, very painful, can not overcome this hurdle. He had to write to the man every week, long letters, phone calls to comfort him. The other was a relative, a boy about the same age, who had a car accident and died. These two events struck him very deeply. I just feel like he's a different person. Not so silly. He used to yell at his parents, but since then he doesn't do so much. When there is a difference of opinion, he will explain patiently and then prove it with his actions. Later, sophomore, he began to take an examination of securities industry, last semester three, the next semester two. Some of the top students in our major failed none, but he quietly passed them all in one year. When I asked him why he took the test, why he worked so hard and kept a low profile, he said, "Build up your confidence. I don't want to do this, but I need to do one simple thing to build up my confidence. I'm gonna show you I can do it. What's not done, I'm not going anywhere." "A gentleman is quick in action but slow in speech." That's what he told me. And then he found his niche, psychology. (Hardly related to our major). He made up his mind to go to that school which is one of the best in psychology in the country. He barely went to class his junior year and would have failed, but he got ahead of the pack early. His daily routine now is to get up at 7 a.m., read a book after dinner until 11 a.m., go to dinner, read a book until 5 p.m., eat a meal, and in the evening, in addition to communicating with others on the Internet for 1-2 hours, he also reads. And the average meal time is no more than 15 minutes. Pretty much every day, except when I go out to dinner. In addition, he works as a Warm Star volunteer (a volunteer organization in our school, whose main activity is to take care of mentally disabled children every week). ", insisted for three years, he said after this semester, not in school will not do. He was no more intelligent than any other man, nor did he know any more people than any other man, he was not rich; There's nothing particularly tragic about him, he's just a normal person we see every day. But he is also full of extraordinary. He is sincere to people and all his friends are very good to him. (Think about your so-called network, how many of them can lend a helping hand when you are in trouble?) He knows what he wants, he knows how to pave his way, and he has perseverance and resilience.


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