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The Three Sure-Fire Ways To Get Me To Block Someone On Facebook

by René Junge 9 months ago in social media

I have 1772 friends on Facebook. There could be a lot more if I didn't block so many people. The blocking function is the best feature that Facebook has. Without this feature, I would have left the social network long ago.

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Facebook is a strange place. People there behave towards other people in a way they would never act in real life. Besides, you meet more strange people in one day than in real life in a whole year.

I've learned there's no point in arguing with everyone. If someone bugs me on Facebook today, I block them and keep my peace of mind.

Here are the top three reasons I block people on Facebook.

1. Stupid people who know everything better

In the old days, there was an idiot in every village, who sat alone at a table in the village pub and talked a lot. Today these idiots meet online, organize themselves, and think they are the majority.

Conspiracy theorists, political extremists, religious missionaries, and esoterics are on a mission. They want to open our eyes and let us see the truth. Their interpretation of reality is, of course, very distinctive. For these people, perceived facts and unfounded faith are superior to any rational argument. Anyone who refuses to agree with them unconditionally is insulted and insulted.

In the past, I used to disagree with such people. But in time, I had to learn that they never let themselves be dissuaded from their opinion. They always win, because, in the end, it is still the rational discussant who has to give up. You don't get access to such people. They are not interested in discussing and exchanging opinions, but only in spreading their madness throughout the world.

I block anyone who strikes me as a conspiracy theorist or extremist. In the Corona crisis, I had to part with a lot of Facebook friends because suddenly, people I never thought were capable of doing this, expressed the strangest theories.

I can't be stupid. That's why, sadly, these people have to leave me.

A few weeks ago, I even broke up with two loyal readers of my books. They spread dangerous nonsense and didn't engage in any objective discussion.

I don't need a reader so badly that I have to kiss their ass. Even these people have to leave if they're not good for me.

2. people who send me an invitation to like their page three seconds after a friend request

Authors seem particularly desperate in that regard. Almost daily, I get friend requests from authors. I accept all requests because I am a writer myself. I hope then for an interesting exchange about the shared passion for writing.

But in eighty percent of the cases, these authors do not want to communicate with me at all. Seconds after I accept their request, an invitation follows to like their author's page.

What does that say about these people? To me, such behavior says that they are desperate and selfish. Desperate because they can't seem to find a better way to get more followers for their sites and selfish because they were only interested in their own benefit from the beginning.

These would-be authors don't understand that an author site is there to provide a place for fans to meet. It is not there to generate fans. Generating fans is the job of the books that an author writes.

A reader first reads a book and then searches on Facebook for the author to follow his page.

I used to try to explain to such authors why their tactics are wrong, stupid, and abusive. But I put it in a more friendly way. None of them have ever understood it. Most of them even became unfriendly or blocked me.

Today I am the one who is blocking. All you have to do to be blocked by me is to ask me for a Like, without us ever having talked.

3. people who complain about everything

You probably know people like that. Every time they get on Facebook, they complain about something. The weather is terrible; the government is just made up of idiots, or yesterday's TV program was an insult.

If you post something positive, someone like that will put a comment underneath it, making fun of it. Or he will explain why one should not be happy about it and that one should instead deal with problem X or the lousy person y.

Optimism and good humor are a thorn in the side of these misanthropes. They are angry at everything, and everyone and cynicism is their basic attitude. Their mission is to bring everyone else down to their level and make them bitter and cynical as well.

Since I don't like to be told how to feel, I also block such people.


It's actually effortless not to be blocked by me. If you behave towards me on Facebook like an average person with decency and dignity, you will find me a good conversation partner. For this, you don't even have to agree with me.

But apparently, it is easier for many people to behave online like a brain-dead idiot with excessive self-confidence. Face to face, no one would behave like that.

Life is too short to surround ourselves with people who are not good for us. That goes both online and offline.

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René Junge

Thriller-author from Hamburg, Germany. Sold over 200.000 E-Books. get informed about new articles:

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