The Ten Types of Best Friends Your Girlfriend Has

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And How to Figure Them Out

The Ten Types of Best Friends Your Girlfriend Has

Getting the girl is the easiest part of a relationship, and we all know it. Getting the friends on your side is pretty hard if you don't know what to look for. Most girls don't have ten best friends, but some might... either way, it isn't smart to test your luck.

*I know girls have guy best friends too, I have one. Just bear with me.*

1. The BFF

This chick is her #1 girl. She knows everything about your girlfriend and probably you. She is the one you want on your side the most. She is inevitably the maid of honor at your girlfriend's wedding, even if it is not to you, and she will let you know that. She is going to make sure you know who are dating and who she is herself. She is usually a considerable badass and is not afraid to show it. She is also the one your girlfriend will complain about the most.

2. The Slut

You will know which one this girl is by the way your girlfriend introduces y'all. If she introduces you at a strange place where manners and excessive clothing are required, she's the slut. If y'all never hang out with this girl besides mandatory meetings, she's the slut. You won't have a chance to get her on your side until the relationship takes off. The girl has stolen boyfriends before and WILL NOT hesitate to do it again. Beware, this girl will try to sneak around, getting to know you. Watch your social media, don't let her presence turn into a fight in the relationship.

3. The Crazy One

This girl will scare you half to death. She will probably be in the military or something like that and her sexuality will defiantly be in question, not that who she spends her nights with is your biggest concern for you. This girl most likely always have a weapon and no boundaries. As long as you watch your mouth and don't piss off your girlfriend, the crazy one will be your biggest asset. Just don't make her mad and you will have a new friend, but remember to watch your back too, she is crazy.

4. The Overprotective One

Often confused with the BFF or the Mom, this girl is crazy protective of your girl. She is basically a living shield from everything bad in your girlfriend's life. You will meet her first and it will be awkward until you find common ground, usually overprotecting your girlfriend. She will become your right-hand "man" as long as y'all keep the same priorities. Try finding out some of her interest before meeting her by talking to your girlfriend. Who are we kidding? This girl is going to make you earn her respect and then continue to keep you on your toes... just for fun.

5. The One Everyone Hates

Before you ask, this girl is around for a reason. She is probably someone's sibling or she has just been around so long that you can't drop her without ruining the group dynamic. She probably did something horrible in the past few years and the group isn't over it yet. She is not invited to many events, and she probably doesn't even live in the same town or state. Don't worry, you will get to know her; eventually one of the other girls will mess up and she will be traded out with them. Oh well. Just don't forget her name and you should be good.

6. The Tomboy

This girl is often confused with the crazy one. Like the crazy one, she will probably be in the military or something like it and carry a weapon, but she will probably drive a bigger, more impractical car. She will probably like sports and things like that. This girl might dress like a boy, and might even be part of the LGBTQ community. Don't worry, she is one of good ones. Keep her around and make sure you have her number. She knows a lot about everything, especially your new girlfriend.

P.s. If she isn't like any of that, look for the girl that looks put together, but is known to kill bugs and play in mud. Go from there.

7. The Drama Queen

This girl is the most annoying one of your girlfriends' friends. She always insists to be involved, and she will probably force herself into private plans... all the time. She probably has dreams of moving to New York and becoming a member of the Gossip Girl or Sex in the City cast. Ignore her. She isn't the most important member. She won't like you, and won't want to help you. She is the perfect one to plan a surprise party, though; you might want to keep her on call for that.

8. The Mom

This girl is basically a hen with all her chicks under her wings. She is usually the voice of reason in the friend group and fixes a lot of the problems that pop up. She will like you until you do something to hurt her "chick". After that first mess up, you will have to regain her trust; it shouldn't be too hard. She often combined with the overprotective one.

9. The Artist

The artist—this is the one that is either a writer, painter, designer, or musician. She probably has an affinity for liquor and will like to talk about it. She should be the most chill one and she won't have an opinion about you until you do something good or bad. She will like you no matter what, as long as your girlfriend is happy with you.

10. The Nomad

She lives on your girlfriend's couch. She is probably the artist. She floats from house to house with no real place to call home. The friend group will always look out for her, and you would be amazed at how protective they get of her. She is also a chill one. She will like you until you mess up, but as long as you buy her food on occasion she will forgive you.

To Be Honest...

Don't get stressed. As long as you aren't a complete idiot they will like you a little bit. Just keep your relationship going strong and keep your girlfriend happy; they will support her and eventually support you too.

Maverick S.
Maverick S.
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