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The struggle of an "underachiever"

The struggle of an "underachiever"

By Mohandas YorkPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

"Clinical psychological consultant, freelance writer, author of Koala Xiao Wu's English learning diary," Koala Xiao Wu's microblog said. Koalas with this name not only a lot of people with a dream of spiritual support but also a lot of young people share the role model symbol. Weibo, she has nearly 80,000 fans, and more than 30,000 blog attention, Douban also named after her "Koala early to get up early team", 8 QQ groups are full of people gathered for their dreams, they insist on getting up early every day, adhere to the "punch in" check-in.

"Koala witch" real name Wang Juan, tall, smile very sunshine. From standard poor students to being admitted to the United States elite St. Louis Washington University, and then into the United States a children's fund to do clinical psychological consultants, the koala experience is ups and downs.

Once poor students: playing cards, skipping class, clubbing

Koala wizard said: "there is some truth only after their own experience a heavy blow or major failure, to feel, relying on people to say in the ear, is not to listen."

Junior high school, koala Xiaowu's serious partial, math has been her death, her math scores have been hovering between 20 ~ and 50 points.

High school entrance examination, her results even filled in the voluntary safety school score line did not reach. The family traveled all summer and finally helped her find a private high school near the start of school.

However, the blow of the entrance examination did not let her change, high school did not go on for a few days, and was hit back to its original shape. Chatting and playing cards with roommates, skipping classes every once in a while, and going clubbing at night became commonplace.

The college entrance examination, koala Xiaowu in make-up admission into the Inner Mongolia University English department, looking at his classmates rushed to the top universities across the country, she began to rethink their life: "why can't others do things I can't do?" Koala wizard seems to suddenly "understand". She told herself she had to change from now on.

Universities want to turn their fortunes around

It wasn't the first time she had secretly decided to start over, but this time she did it.

Koala witch into the "the stars and the moon" state, "get up at 6 o 'clock every morning, others play I study, others shop I study, others sleep I study, others holiday I study. Life is dull, but I never feel sorry for myself."

Kaola University has maintained first place in the whole department for four years, and in my senior year obtained the postgraduate qualification, and entered Beijing International Studies University. The idea of going abroad arose shortly after graduate school began. In the first semester of my first year of graduate school, the plan to attack the GRE was put on the agenda.

Her good habit of planning and executing precisely by the hour has developed during her four years in college. Her life always went according to plan -- a year for a year, a month for a month, a week for a week, a day for a day.

Helping the "salt fish" with dreams

In October 2008, Koala Xiao Wu to 7 American universities issued her application materials, "since then, brush the mailbox and the pain of waiting, has become the main theme of my life."

A month later, koala wizard received an admission letter from Washington University in St. Louis.

In the United States, koalas always formulate a plan, the implementation of the plan, and complete the plan. She earned A master's degree in social work with straight A's and was hired as a psychologist for a children's foundation in the United States.

"We are ordinary people, are 'salt fish', but we are 'salt fish' with dreams. No matter where they come from or how ordinary they are, everyone is equal in their dreams." "Laughed the koala.


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