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The Story of Mother's Love

by Martil Guevara 2 months ago in love
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He and she, he is the son and she is the mother.

The Story of Mother's Love
Photo by Randy Rooibaatjie on Unsplash


He lives with her in a ramshackle house. The house leaks when it rains, so a plastic basin with a rotten edge is placed under the loophole all year round.  But he did not compete, every day in the Internet cafe. Once, she saw him go into an Internet cafe with a girl. He came home late very late and saw a tired face, but still waiting for him. Her face bore the marks of tears that had not yet dried. He walked past her and she got up and "slapped!" He turned around and looked at her with astonishment, but she turned around with determination, picked up her coat, and slammed the door heavily.  The next morning, he went out and saw her sitting outside the door asleep on a cardboard box, next to a large cardboard box filled with used Kleenex. Her hair had traces of last night's rain, the flush bangs, because of the rush of rain, made a wisp. He raised his hand, dried her face, and helped her into the house. He found that her head was particularly hot, yes, she had been rained on overnight and had a fever. He gave her the medicine, and when he went to touch her head again, she slapped him down: "Get back to school!" He looked at her, "Oh." Hearing his answer, she turned away and stopped looking at him.  He went to school and sat down in front of the amazed eyes of his teachers and classmates. However, he didn't listen to the class but slept through the day in class. The teacher didn't hold much hope for him, to be precise, it was a surprise that he came to school. The students didn't bother to call him, he didn't come to school often and they didn't know him.  He came home from school and found a lot of good food on the table, and some meat. It wasn't much, but it was good enough for him. But then he wondered why. She came up to him: "Good day, cheers later!" She kept smiling during the meal and pushed the meat into his bowl.  He froze. From that moment on, he vowed not to let her down.  Slowly, he began to study hard for her amidst the astonished and incredulous eyes of his teachers and classmates. But he is not a god, he is just an ordinary person, fallen behind in so many courses, how can it be so easy to make up? Other students would hire tutors to make up for it, but his family environment does not allow it! His classmates were very distant from him, and his teachers sometimes just smiled at him. So he was tired and didn't want to fight. But when he came home and saw the look on her face as she smiled and pinned food for him, he was swayed. Next, he kept reading like this throughout the semester.  After school started, he noticed that his teacher was treating him better and giving him extra lessons every day after school. He didn't know why, and from the teacher's mouth, he learned that it was she who had spoken to him about his situation.  Later on, he became a successful man. When he was at every party, every time people asked him about his. Success method. He would always smile and touch the one next to him with her flowery white hair: "Because of her, that's why I'm successful." And the woman next to him just giggled and handed him a glass of water with her shaking hands.  Yes, she was his mother and he was her son. He would always have an extraordinary relationship with her, a relationship that he could never shake off. It is because she is his mother, he is her son, so in her old age with Alzheimer's, also still do not forget to give him belong to their own - mother's love.  He and she, he is the son, she is the mother.


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