The Six Dumbest Things You Can Do to Make a Love Spell Fail

by Denise Alvarado 8 months ago in love

Are you in over your head? Desperately in love? Be careful not to sabotage yourself when you turn to magic for help.

The Six Dumbest Things You Can Do to Make a Love Spell Fail

So, you lost that ex and you want him back. Personally, I say kick him to the curb... if he left there’s a reason and you need to reflect on your situation and see if groveling or manipulating for love is the best way to go. The fact is, if you get someone to “love” you through magic, you will have to continue to work at keeping them in that state of mind for… who knows how long. This isn’t Harry Potter or I Dream of Jeanie (I’m dating myself here). But so many folks are simply in denial and are desperate (Ahhh! The worst state of mind to be in) and don’t want to hear practical and logical advice. So, for those of you who either hire someone to perform a love spell for you or if you do your own and are not getting the results you want, there are a few things you may want to avoid doing that can completely sabotage any spellwork that is done. Here is a list of some of those things:

1. Impatience

Quit it! Really… Magic is not a serve your ex on silver platter thing as soon as the candle burns down. Quit asking your worker every day, for some folks (and you know who you are) several times a day if the spell has been done, why isn’t it working, can you burn another candle or do another work for free (no, really, don’t ask your worker to work for free. A good conjurer has a set of skills you don’t have and that is what you are paying for. In addition to skill, spells take time and cost money… that’s right, every time you ask someone to perform a spell for free, they are reaching into their own pockets to pull out their own money to buy the items they need to make YOUR spell work). Furthermore, impatience will not speed up the process and in fact, your impatience can create a funky energy between you and your worker, sometimes resulting in regret for ever having agreed to perform the spell in the first place and dreading even looking in their emails or answering their phone for fear of seeing or hearing you ask the same questions again and again. So, do yourself a favor, and give your worker some space, and give the spell the time it needs to manifest your desire.

2. Laziness

Relying on magic to do the work you should be doing. I’m not necessarily talking about you doing your own spell… leave that to the experts if you don’t know what you are doing. I’m talking about taking responsibility for your life and co-creating your own reality. If you are stubborn and argumentative, stop it. Maybe your way isn’t the best way and that’s one of the reasons he or she left. No one likes to be told they are wrong all the time or made to feel that way through subtle and not so subtle manipulations (like making snide remarks, giving the silent treatment, withholding sex, cheating on him to get back at him for cheating on you, etc.). Look at yourself and own your part in the break up. What is it about you that you need to change in order to make the relationship work? Only you can answer that question. If you are one of these people who sits there and says, “I just don’t understand it. I love him and want him to be with me and only me. I treat him really well, I do everything for him…” and “I need a spell that will make him love me,” and you can’t see the other side of the coin, well, there is an issue right there you should look at. Do your part in creating the life you want; don’t rely on someone else to do it for you.

3. Quit being annoying.

Quit texting your spiritual worker just because it’s fun as if they have nothing else to do but cater to you. There really is nothing more annoying than someone who has hired a spiritual worker for a spell to contact them ALL THE TIME. Through email, phone, text messaging, Facebook, through someone else—really, it’s annoying and it’s childish. It’s like going on vacation and the kid in the backseat of the car can’t stop asking “Are we there yet?” every couple of minutes. When you are told it takes time, give it time. Calling, texting and emailing won’t speed up the process one bit.

4. Denial

No Cleopatra, it really isn’t a river in Egypt. Note that if you are pining away after someone who has been treating you like dirt or is emotionally, physically or sexually abusive, then quit reading this article right now and get a therapist. You need to explore why you are compelled to be in a relationship like that. And take my initial advice: kick him to the curb. I don’t care if he is your baby daddy… anyone can be a sperm donor. It takes a man to be a father and a partner.

5. Noncompliance

This one is simple and builds on a couple of the previous points—do what your worker asks you to do. If you are told to not contact the person for a certain number of days, or if you are asked to take a series of attraction baths or cleansing baths and you don’t do it, then you are sabotaging the work. Don’t go blaming your worker for something they have no control over—you.

6. Dishonesty

Don’t lie to your worker. Don’t omit important details about your situation. If you lie or fail to divulge important information, not only are you asking someone to do spiritual work based on deception, you are also not giving your worker the information they need to design the best spell for your situation. Let me give you an example of a personal experience I had with someone. This person wanted the sun, the moon and the stars. But he especially wanted his wife and kids back. He also had a couple of court cases coming up. He told me his situation, how mean his ex-wife is and how he wants revenge, then on the other hand he wants her back. But more than anything, he wants to win these court cases, and come out the victor in the settlement and in visitation, AND he wants his wife to suffer for making him suffer and for kicking him out. So, having been around the block a few times, having an advanced degree in psychology, having spent almost 15 years as a therapist, and over twice that long doing conjure work, I’m thinking this guy isn’t telling me the whole story. So, I asked him point blank: Do you abuse your wife? Do you talk down to her, belittle her, push her around every now and then…anything like that? Oh no, he says. He only treats her well and he just can’t understand why she is being so mean to him. So, I still think he’s not telling me the truth. I told him that in no uncertain terms could he pay me enough money to harm a mother and her children. I don’t care what she did to him, if that’s what he wants, I’m not the one. Okay, he says, well at least help me win my court cases (he actually sounded surprised when I didn’t bow to his demands). I told him if he was lying to me the spell would not work and the truth will be revealed to me, giving him one last time to come clean before I did his court case spell. He stuck to his story. Okay, well maybe it’s possible, not probable, but possible, that he was being treated unfairly. I asked for help from one of the Spirits I work with that helps me with these types of situations. I did a preliminary work, spent about a hundred dollars on offerings asking for help in making the court cases a success (this one particular spirit has expensive taste and the man paid me well, so I did it up right). But I also asked for the truth to be revealed, and to only give him victory if he deserved it. The truth was revealed to me, just as plain as day in the candle wax remains, a picture was shown. The man WAS an abuser and a LIAR. I thanked the Spirits for considering my petition on behalf of this other person and for showing me the truth. The next time I talked to the man I told him I knew the truth, that the spirits had shown me the truth, that he lied to me and that he did hit his wife and that is why she is so angry, which he was interpreting as being mean. That’s why she was keeping the children away from him, because she was keeping them safe. And that is why she was asking for so much in their divorce settlement, because she deserved it. He admitted it, that it was true, he did “push her around” but not regularly, blah, blah, blah… all the typical excuses I have heard from abusers. I told him that because he lied, the spell would not work, reminding him that I will not do any work that harms a woman and her children and that is the condition of the work when I work with my spirits. I also told him I would not be redoing the spell, which of course he asked, thinking after he admitted it, I would change my mind, after wasting his money and my time. No, I wouldn’t. He had ordered a bunch of things from my site which I made and sent him, but I did not do any further work for him, nor did I continue any communication with him beyond, “thank you for your order.” He continued to harass me beyond the work, and I am quite certain he hired someone else to put the ju ju on me (I can only imagine how he really treated his wife, his very essence oozed with misogyny). The worker he hired was powerful, but I am protected. I won’t go into details, but you can see how this kind of thing plays out when someone starts with a lie. It’s just not pretty for anyone involved.

Unscrupulous spiritual workers will demand money and make promises they shouldn’t be making. Unless they are God incarnate, they cannot guarantee a spell will work. No one, and let me shout this from the highest mountain for all to hear, NO ONE SHOULD GIVE YOU A 100% GUARANTEE THAT A SPELL WILL WORK! There are simply too many variables, as we social scientists like to call them that are out of the hands of the worker that can influence the work. For example, some people are more easily influenced by spiritual intervention than others. It is just like how hypnosis works for some people but for others it has no effect. Nor can a worker control what you do.

So, there you have it…six of the dumbest things you can do to sabotage spellwork: impatience, laziness, annoyance, denial, noncompliance and dishonesty. In a nutshell, give your worker the time and space to perform the work correctly. Do your part by taking personal responsibility. Do what you worker tells you to do. And, above all, be honest. Without these things you are trying to make a mountain out of quicksand – it just won’t work.

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