The Rendezvous of L.O.V.E

by Charlotte Blancas 8 months ago in love

What is love?

The Rendezvous of L.O.V.E
"How does it feel to love and to be loved?"

Is it an underlying emotion of unwavering feelings? Is it that ingenious mechanism that happens within us that makes us fuzzy and giggly?

What is love, and how does it feel?

Everyone in this universe, through heaven and hell, has all experienced “that” feeling of love with “that” one person. You know, the one "that" makes you quiver with happiness just by the thought of them, they constantly bewildering your mind; “That” one person who makes everything you’ve ever worked on about yourself fall apart to nothing when you finally get that one moment of attention from them. “That” one person who makes you feel the LOVE that you know, the LOVE that you’ve lost, and the LOVE that you’ve longed.

What is it exactly that makes us this way towards “that” one person?

Sure, we get into new relationships, build new foundations, and new feelings for other people, but there’s always that moment of desolation.

What is missing? Is it the love they made you feel? The love that you felt within yourself when you were with that person?

Do we only feel these special bonds of relationships and feelings with our first loves? Seconds? Or thirds?

The reality hits home when you realize how much you can care for one person, but at the same time also realizing that caring isn’t enough to be together. Heck, love isn’t even enough. Why isn’t it enough? Why can’t we be with the people we want to be? Sure, trust has fallen, tears have been shed, and the tower of the foundation has crumbled, but we love each other right?

And through all these circumstances, from the emotions, environments, surroundings, and situations we still want more of them, need more of them, knowing we can’t have them, and to desire that loving feeling that we thought only felt with them.

We embark on new relationships, but never really close past doors. We all hope that we can, in whatever shape or form, but we don’t; Thoughts still linger from time to time, quick flashbacks to remind you of what was—it all resides up there.

We become accustomed to learning to forget, to move on, and to be stronger without them, but in the back of our minds, as much as we would like to pretend they don’t exist, they still do.

Unhealthy relationships, constant bickering, endless mind games, and the ultimate goal of the pretentious to cover up the pain and love you both feel for one another, but you can’t be together.

There’s always that one person who can make your knees weak whether through hatred or love, but never through indifference. And the universe never fails to remind you either, from their name spoken by others or passerbys that looks like them; Surely, it’ll make your heart skip a beat, out of fear or excitement? I don’t know.

What makes them so important? Why must we be prisoners of our emotional void towards this one person?

It's truly a hardship to beat ourselves for loving someone from afar and feel it's wrong to do so. Why is that? Why does loving someone from afar who doesn't love you feel so wrong! Isn't that love is the highest form of emotion?

No one has the answer, but ourselves. The feelings that were will always be there. It sometimes sucks that two people that care a lot about each can’t be together. But life and love moves on to what they old folks say are "meant to be." We will never really know what that truly means until we get there, but through the path of this rendezvous we call love, we hope to find what our heart loves and soul needs.

Charlotte Blancas
Charlotte Blancas
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