The Real Meaning of Twin Flames: Not Always a Love Relationship

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A True Story as Told to Me by an Empath Who Found Their Twin

The Real Meaning of Twin Flames: Not Always a Love Relationship

Knowledge on the Souls

The twin flame relationship is 99 percent of the time referred to as a love relationship, when in fact it is not.

If you do not know, all of our souls have been around for many, many years. Our souls in another life may have been in animals, objects or other humans. Our souls are transferable entities that have literally been "born" into the vessel or body we have now in this life.

Have you ever seen a child who just seemed to be so wise for their age or just "know things?" You may think, wow, they are so smart or advanced for their age. The reason behind that is because the soul they were born with most likely has already experienced living on Earth as a human. They know things from their learning and experiences in a previous life. Once the body a human has dies, the soul leaves and eventually ends up somewhere else. That is how it can get "born again" into a baby.

An Empath and Eerie Examples

Sometimes and somehow the soul may get split. This is how a twin flame occurs and if they are lucky, they will get to reconnect in the same lifetime. This is what my good friend who is ultra "awake and aware" of himself, the world and so much more has told me. He is a true empath (one who can feel other energies either near or far from him) who can see peoples auras around them.

An example that proved to me he was a real empath is one I will never forget. A couple of years ago I was having trouble sleeping. It was like four in the morning and he texted me saying, "go to sleep." Talk about being a little spooked. How the heck did he know I was awake? I hadn't talked to him. It was the middle of the night! Another instance is him being able to feel one of our friends (who is actually my first cousin) thoughts and feelings 24/7. She has a sort of healing magic that she is unaware of, but he is well in tuned. A quick note on her: We concluded she doesn't like to hug because she absorbs people's energy and can transfer hers as a healing power. We really figured this out this past summer. We were on our family pontoon at our lake house and the bar holding up the canopy fell down. Due to where he and I were sitting, the pole hit us each in the head and it hurt like hell. She then shouted in a joking manner "be healed!" and touched us both on the forehead. I lie to you not my pain immediately left. No joke. So she is "special" and that is why he can hone in on her so well.

Back to the story, he knew when she was going into labor with her child because he could "feel" her pains. He felt every pain she had during her pregnancy. He is also a dream walker, which means he can get into people's dreams. He told me last week when he was in high school, he was shy so he didn't talk to girls, but would catch eye contact as the passed in the hall. Once he caught the contact, then he would be in the girls dream that night. He said then the next day at school, the girl who never paid him any attention was staring at him. Why? He said because she was dreaming about him the night before but she couldn't figure out why.

The way he comments on people and the world is almost non-human but it is very authentic. Conversations with him are ALWAYS educational and simply amazing. I enjoy talking with him and hearing his extraordinary occurrences and following his twin flame experience.

The Twin Flame Reunion

Twin Flames Together

About 15 years ago he was dating a lady named Alex. She had a daughter named Ali who was six. He went to pick up Alex and prior to arrival, she told him her daughter, who he had never met, would be joining them. Upon arrival, the little girl came running out of the house and immediately got into the car with him. He said she couldn't stop smiling at him and acted as if she had known him all of her life (remember she is only six).

From that day on, they were inseparable. He babysat her when her mom was at work. They did everything too. He took her to parks, events he was interested in like car racing and shows. She lived every minute of it and being that he has no children of his own, he did as well. A year or so went by and Alex started to get jealous of her young daughters relationship with him. She said Ali would be down and seemingly depressed when he wasn't around but once he showed up, you couldn't peel the smile off of Ali's face. The daughter got to a point where she didn't even want to live with her mom anymore. Shortly afterwards, the adults relationship ended as did his and Ali's. So he thought.

Separation Anxiety

A few months went by and out of the blue Ali called him from her uncle's phone. In shock to be hearing from this child, he asked how did you get my number. She replied, "I just knew it." Time went in and she would call periodically just to say hello. He never called her because that was inappropriate especially since he was no longer dating her mother. As time went on though, Ali stayed in touch and was of course growing up. Being that she didn't have her real father in her life, my friend stepped in to try to guide her during her teenage years.

Since Ali was almost out of high school now, he would go pick her up and they would hang out. He would take her to the mall to buy a few clothes, go to an event or two and maybe grab a bite to eat. Father/daughter type things. He told me though, it was so crazy because everything he liked, she did as well and in a genuine way, not like a copy-cat sense. That was his first clue but due to him steadily evolving and learning more about himself and his empathic ways, he didn't pick up in the twin flame stuff yet.

Cohabitation and Shocking Realizations

Sorting Likenesses

Fast-forward about five years. Ali is well out of high school and in her early 20s. She and her mother are not getting along so he lets her move in with him until she could save up money from her job and get on her own. This is when it all began to make sense to him.

He said when she moved in, he had an increase in energy. He felt good and could thrive on his sometimes 10 hour workday after only having two to three hours of sleep. His eye sight miraculously got better. His thoughts were more clear and he didn't seem to have a thousand things running in his head at once prior to her arrival. He just overall felt so much better—so at peace with her there.

Ali on the other hand had so much turmoil churning in her head. She repeatedly told him she couldn't get her mind clear because it was running a mile a minute. He said he could see her fidgeting and looking as if she was in a trance. What it was is his body was grasping what was happening while hers was trying to figure it out. He said he would be sitting on the couch and she would come sit next to him or she could even touch him while they were maybe watching a video on his phone and they felt as one. He said it was like he was touching himself. No difference in temperature, texture or anything. While telling me this, he reached out and touched my head. He said, "See, I can tell I am touching you. There is a difference in heat transfer and energy but with Ali, we were the same."

Another alert he had was the resemblance between them was uncanny. They are different nationalities, yet they looked like family. Same nose, mouth and teeth, eyes and complexion. When they would go out, people would always ask them how long they had been together as if they were a couple. The folks would say you two are so in sync. He said they heard this EVERYWHERE they went.

Fleeing the Situation a.k.a the Running Phase

After her living with him about three months, she became so overwhelmed with her racing mind that she decided it was time to leave. If you have read anything about twin flames, it is always said that one of them runs away, but eventually returns. The return can be in weeks, months or years but in time they will return. He told me once she moved out, his energy levels dwindled. He needed more sleep again and his eye sight went back to his normal which wasn't that great. He is back to having millions of thoughts in his head at one time. Her leaving though is what truly clued him into all of this. She had to leave so he could analyze everything through the years to determine Ali is his twin flame.

As everyone else, he had always read of twin flames being a love relationship, but in his platonic relationship with Ali since her age of six, he determined otherwise. It took years to come to this conclusion, but that is exactly what it is. He said in a past life, they were the same person but somehow their soul got separated when they died. Now the soul has come back—half in him and half in her. That is how they seem to be in such unison. He also told me if one of them were to die, the soul-half still living would start to fail and probably die soon afterward. What a scary thought.

Until We Meet Again

At this moment, Ali is has not talked to him in quite a few months—from calling often, to hanging out, to living together to no contact at all. He told me he is not going to reach out to her. She is in the "runner mode" and trying to figure things out. It may take her years but at some point she will realize their special bond and make contact again. She must. Until then, we all hope they live their lives in a safe manner so neither meets a demise because we know the other will die off shortly after.

And that is the a story of a true twin flame relationship.

Butta B. Fli
Butta B. Fli
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