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The Prince and the Dragon

A tale of friendship, kindness and the power of healing

By muhammadh ishfaqPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
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Once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom, there was a young prince named Aric. Aric was different from other princes, as he had a unique ability - he could communicate with animals. This ability had been passed down to him through his mother, who was a powerful enchantress.

One day, while out on a hunt, Aric stumbled upon a group of animals who were being terrorized by a fierce dragon. The dragon had been burning down their homes and destroying their crops, leaving the animals with nowhere to turn. Aric knew he had to do something to help.

Using his gift of communication, Aric spoke to the dragon and discovered that the dragon was not evil, but rather, it was sick and in pain. Aric promised to help the dragon and set out on a journey to find a cure.

After many trials and challenges, Aric found a rare herb that was known to have healing powers. He brought it back to the dragon and gave it the herb, and the dragon was instantly cured.

The dragon was overjoyed and thanked Aric for his kindness. In return, the dragon promised to protect the kingdom and keep the peace. And so, the dragon and the prince became great friends and allies.

The animals of the kingdom were also grateful to Aric and they elected him as their king. Aric ruled with kindness and fairness, and he and the dragon worked together to make the kingdom a place of harmony and prosperity. And they all lived happily ever after.

Aric's unique ability to communicate with animals had always set him apart from the other princes in the kingdom, but it was something that he cherished. He loved spending time in the forest, talking to the birds and the deer and the foxes. They would tell him about their lives and their struggles, and he would listen and try to help where he could.

When he came across the group of animals being terrorized by the dragon, he knew he had to act fast. The animals were terrified and had nowhere else to turn. They begged Aric to help them and he promised that he would do whatever it takes to stop the dragon.

Aric knew that he couldn't just kill the dragon, not when there was a chance that it could be helped. So, he set out on a journey to find out what was wrong with the dragon and how he could cure it.

He traveled through the kingdom, asking everyone he met if they knew anything about the dragon or how to cure it. He met with wise old wizards and learned about ancient remedies and potions. He spoke to the hermits who lived in the mountains and they told him about the healing properties of certain herbs.

But it was a chance encounter with a young girl that proved to be the turning point in Aric's quest. The girl was a healer and she told Aric about a rare herb that grew deep in the forest. The herb was known to have powerful healing properties and could cure even the most deadly of illnesses.

Aric thanked the girl and set out to find the herb. He searched the forest for days and finally, he found it. The herb was small and unassuming but Aric knew it was the one he had been looking for. He picked it carefully and brought it back to the kingdom.

When he returned to the dragon's lair, he approached the dragon with caution. The dragon was huge and fierce and it breathed fire at Aric as he approached. But Aric didn't back down. He held out the herb and spoke to the dragon in its own language, telling it that he had come to help.

To his surprise, the dragon listened and it let him come closer. Aric saw that the dragon was in great pain and he knew that the herb would be able to help. He gave the herb to the dragon and it ate it eagerly.

The effect was immediate. The dragon's breathing became easier and the pain in its eyes disappeared. It looked at Aric with gratitude and a newfound respect. The dragon knew that Aric had saved its life and it was forever in his debt.

From that day on, the dragon and Aric became the best of friends. The dragon promised to protect the kingdom and keep the peace and it kept its promise. The dragon's fearsome reputation disappeared and the people of the kingdom began to see it as a protector rather than a monster.

Aric became a hero in the kingdom and his reputation grew. The animals of the kingdom, who had once been afraid of the dragon, now saw Aric as a champion of their cause. They gathered together and elected him as their king.

Aric ruled with kindness and fairness and he and the dragon worked together to make the kingdom a place of harmony and prosperity. He built schools and hospitals, and he made sure that everyone had enough to eat. He also established a system of laws and a court of justice to make sure that everyone was treated fairly.

Years passed and Aric grew old, but he never forgot his promise to the animals and the dragon. He passed on his throne to his son, but he remained in the kingdom, living a peaceful life among.



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