The Pizza Lover

by Matea 5 months ago in dating

Or not apparently...

The Pizza Lover

All righty. So this is a bit of a weird story but there are multiple parts to it. Firstly, a disclaimer: I'm not going to give real names everrrr. So now that, thats out of the way let's go!

It was a chilly evening, I was tired from writing a 10 page paper on the Trade Ins and Outs on China versus the US, so I asked my friends if they wanted to grab some pizza at a local shop. To no surprise at all, the answer was yes and we took off. I was excited because all I was thinking about was a margarita pizza with fresh basil and balsamic sauce. Upon us arriving, my friends were talking to me about something, I don't remember what because as soon as we walked in I caught a glimpse of this dude behind the counter. At first, I was just like anyone else when someone spots someone who is cute; I just glanced up and down and then thought ooh. Thats it. Thats literally it, because that gosh darn pizza looked amazing, why wouldn't I be looking at it in awe? Oh and the boy standing next to the pizza behind the counter was kinda nice looking.

Long story short, I recognized him; we had a class together. He glanced at me and when I approached him, I told him that he looked familiar. I mentioned our class and then he recalled me, he was like "Oooh yeah yea, good memory."

At this point I did really want my slice of pizza. Butttttt this conversation was going quite well. I introduced myself: "I'm Cactus," and he said ok. To which I'm waiting for him to tell me his name and the other cashier next to him is staring at him like "Bruh your name ding dong."

At this point I just had to straight up ask, "And your name is??"

His face was like a slow motion picture when he realized he didn't tell me his name. Honestly it was perfect, every time I think about it, it makes me chuckle a little. His name is "Pepperoni," but for the sake of this lonnnng story he will be renamed to "Peppy."

From that first interaction, he upped his game upon my next return to the shop, and slid me his number so we could hang out and study for our class together. "Study" lmao :)

A couple days later my phone gets a couple of buzzes, and...

Well, you'll have to wait and see where this story is going don't you? :)

'Til next time,


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