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The Odd Conversations in Online Dating

by Samantha Parrish 10 days ago in dating

Really puts the strange in stranger

The Odd Conversations in Online Dating

I've tried tinder four times, I've tried bumble twice, and OK Cupid twice. I really tried to give online dating a chance when I wanted to experience dating and then eventually a relationship. I was close a couple of times, and I did have my experience, and I accepted the truth that most people had other intentions besides dating or a relationship.

It was a bit disheartened at first, then I just got used to it, especially after numerous installations of these apps, I even started to recognize some of the previous contenders. It's like re-watching television shows, you know the plot and the outcome.

I did happen to save some of these conversations in a screenshot since I wanted to remind myself what to expect.

Some snippets of these conversations will be provided with a edited picture to remove name and photo. Because despite the fact that I was insulted or belittled in most of them. They should stay anonymous because I shouldn't compromise them.

1. The guy who asked what my cup size was

I do not have a conversation screenshot to show it, but I'm sure you'll take my word for it since it is something that does happen a lot to various women.

I was having a conversation with an interesting dude, it was a relief to have some normal conversation and we even organized a coffee date and I was excited to have a casual coffee date.

He asked if it was OK to ask something personal and I said I would answer it. I figured why not.

He asked what size my boobs were.

I wasn't shocked by the question, but I questioned myself if I should answer it. The date is obviously out of the equation. I could have just unmatched him like I do the others. I'm an adult I can handle a question like that, and I was curious what would happen if I answered, and I did. I answered truthfully that I have lopsided boobs.

What happened next, I had to contain my laughter since the entirety of this conversation was in a public setting where I was working.

He unmatched with me. I found it hilarious that this guy couldn't handle I wasn't perfect. Whoo boy does he have a way to go before he realizes that there is no such thing as the perfect woman.

2. The guy who belittled me for gut intuition

This was a fast conversation, this guy was the next to last before I was going to delete Bumble for the last time. But despite the fact that it was a demeaning conversation, it's honestly the most exhilarating and here's why.

I usually opt for an inquisitive question because I like a guy that can answer something tough. If they answer that, no matter what, no right or wrong answer. It seems to me that they're willing to have a conversation about any kind of topic with long answers to show an interesting viewpoint. I like someone who can really give a stirring, original answer, or at least honest.

With this one, it was a little too much honesty. I forget how the question is titled word for word, but I'll try to recollect some of it. I believe it was, Would you work hard for something if it was worth it?

Yeah, the guy was messing with me, acting like Danny Zuko from Grease. I unmatched by with him right after I sent my last message to him, his last message went through at the moment I unmatched with him. I had him on the log just long enough for him to see my answer for a minute.

I was impressed with myself to do a comeback answer in a sassy way but good taste.

3. The guy who disregarded my mental health

In hindsight, at the time I got OK Cupid. It was an error on my half that I shouldn't have gotten the app when I was not in a stable place to be going out on dates if I didn't want to leave my house. This guy, I should have seen it coming from the phone call I had with him, he interrupted me throughout the duration of the phone call. I brushed it off and I was going to try and give the benefit of the doubt despite my bad headspace.

In these text messages, It was the start of my declining mental health before I got help. But during this time, I continued to push through it because I wanted to try dating. I should have seen it coming that this guy was going to be inconsiderate and self-absorbed.

I do see he was trying to be sweet to spend time with me regardless of my mental health. I would have been a bit more forgiving if he actually took what I said seriously. Instead he kept pushing and disregarding what I said to let me be.

We did actually go on that date, it was terrible and he was just like he is from the text messages and the phone call. I even tried to see if I was being too harsh by giving him a second date for a benefit of the doubt. That benefit of the doubt was wasted on him. It's harsh to say, but I got my proof in my gut that I was right and he wasn't a great guy to go out with. I should have remembered these messages at the time I had those terrible dates and walked out.

4. Dishonorable mentions

  • This guy thought it was a great idea to just try this line on me, amusing, but it didn't exactly charm me to want a conversation with him.

  • This guy got to the point, at least he was direct which is what I have become accustomed to. I’ll admit that the question I chose did entice this kind of an answer.


I've ended my run on online dating apps back in January. It just wasn't worth the search, swiping on these dudes to find out they were the worst kind of dud. This is what's littered throughout the popular dating apps, and looking back on these, it's not worth reinstalling for more trouble and disappointment.

Dating apps are not the same, it's an experience in seeking someone. It works out for some people, but it doesn't work out for everyone.

Samantha Parrish
Samantha Parrish
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