The Meeting

How I met my future soon-to-be ex-husband

The Meeting
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In September 2016 I met him. Good looking, strong, confident, tall, deep voice. I paid him no attention. Honestly I just wanted to get the day over with. A group of us were headed to a recruiting sub station to run what was called an initial strength test in order to qualify for the Marine Corps. He did so well and I did so bad that I was embarrassed. I didn’t speak to him until I graduated boot camp that December. I felt so motivated as most new Marines do. I was able to earn extra time off assisting recruiters with another new group of Marines, and he was one of them.

We split up into groups and I was in a group with him and one more person. He was sweet. He called me hermosa since my last name was Hermosillo. I thought he was handsome, but I wasn’t his type... was I? No. No way. He was being a gentlemen because he was raised that way. I think...? At one point he asked if I wanted to see a movie with him, at which I responded with a quick and confident “Hell no!” He looked taken aback, as if he just saw a a bad accident or something. I almost immediately felt bad but I honestly thought he was joking. Almost immediately I apologized profusely and could sense a hint of disappointment in the air. Was he for real? No. No way! He’s way out of my league! We continued on with our day trying to get people to join the Marine Corps.

The next day he messages me, asking if I’d go to a Christmas light display. I said sure! Sounds fun! I pick him up since his car was unreliable and off we went. We arrive and walk around, looking at everything and just talking about life. I’m sensing something at this point. Was he looking at me with that gleam in his eye? I think he is... but I don’t know. I message my friends and inform them that I think this man likes me! It starts raining and we head back to my car. He keeps tickling me, and I try to stop him by grabbing his hands. He takes that opportunity to take mine and hold it. Oh! So this is what he wanted! Now there’s no doubt in my mind that this is a date! I blush and head to our next destination, which is Olive Garden. We held hands for the entire 40 minute car ride, and spoke as if we weren’t holding hands at all. My hand is sweaty and so is his, but I don’t want to let go, and I can tell he doesn’t either. What am I getting myself into?

At Olive Garden we sit and enjoy each other’s company. We go back to my car and start talking about... us. He keeps getting closer and closer, with his fingers gently grabbing my chin to pull me in for a kiss.

I pause. In that few seconds I thought of every time I’ve been heart broken. How scared I was of this. I leave soon for training, maybe he just wants to hook-up! It was such a nice date though, there’s no way he just wants that. I need to make a decision, I haven’t kissed back. My lips were still relaxed. I was euphoric, but terrified. I took a chance. I kissed back.

We made out for a while. In the parking lot at Olive Garden. We talked as well but we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It was electrifying. I didn’t want to leave this man’s side. He made me happy. I dropped him off at around 2am at his mom’s house and returned home. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way back until my sleep took over. Even then I’m convinced that I was smiling in my sleep too.

Who would have thought 3 years later we’d have an 8-month-old daughter and separation paperwork?

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