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The Meet-Cute

by Rebecca A Hyde Gonzales about a month ago in friendship
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How I Met My Husband

Victor and Rebecca 25 years later.

Interior of the restaurant/bar, The Whale's Tail. There is dance music playing over the sound system. Music and voices mingled with the sounds of clinking glasses; blenders; and found drinks being poured, etc.

Shannon and Rebecca walk through the front doors passing the restaurant seating area; stopping at the bar to order a couple of drinks. Rebecca prefers Alabama Slammers while Shannon prefers Pina Coladas. After picking up their drinks they walk down the ramp towards the dance floor and then to the back corner where their friend John is working as a D.J. for the evening.

Shannon: Hey, John! (Shannon smiles and waves at John as she walks down the ramp from the bar. Her blonde locks bouncing in rhythm to her steps - Rebecca trailing behind her.)

John: Hey! It's great to see you guys. (John waves back with a big grin - looking at each of the girls. Rebecca nods and smiles at the same time.)

Shannon: We thought that we would hang out with you tonight. (Shannon continues walking toward John, pulling Rebecca by the arm.)

John: That's great. I enjoy the company. (John directs them to the table and chairs behind the D.J. Booth.)

John: I see you got drinks already. (John pushes coasters towards Rebecca and Shannon.)

John: Tracy has been bringing be drinks -- so if you need anything ask her. (John nods towards the waitress at the bar.)

Shannon: Thanks, John. (Shannon tilts her head and winks.)

Random Guy #1: Hey would you like to dance? (Random Guy walks up to Rebecca; then stands with his left hand on his hip and his right hand extended.)

Rebecca: Sure. (Rebecca nods and rises to her feet. They walk to the dance floor as popular music is pumped through the speakers, passing the bouncer standing nearby. He smiles at Rebecca. Rebecca returns the smile and blushes. Rebecca and "random guy" dance to the music. When the song finishes they walk to a table on the other side of the dance floor opposite the D.J. Booth.)

Random Guy #1: Would you like a drink? (Random Guy pulls out a chair for Rebecca.)

Rebecca: A coke is fine. (As Rebecca sits and scoots forward towards the table. "Random guy" walks to the bar and orders a couple of drinks. Rebecca looks around the bar and then towards the D.J. Booth to catch Shannon's eye - making sure that Shannon knew where she was. John looks up from the deck and smiles at Rebecca, raising a thumb. Rebecca smirks back and then looks away.)

Random Guy #1: What do you do? (RAndom guy places the drinks on the table and sits in the chair to her right - scooting his chair closer to her. Too close, making an exit impossible from that side.)

Rebecca: What do you mean? (Rebecca scoots her chair back and to the left.)

Random Guy #1: Do you work? (Random Guy leans in.)

Random Guy #2: Hey, who's this? (appearing to the left of Rebecca, taking a seat and scooting toward her - Rebecca now trapped between the two guys.)

Random Guy #1: Oh... I didn't ask. (Random Guy #1 looking at Rebecca, raising his right eyebrown.)

Rebecca: I'm Rebecca. (Rebecca looks at both men and quickly looks around the room to find her friends. Sees John at the D.J. Booth but does not see Shannon.)

Random Guy #1: Hi Rebecca, I'm Kent. This is my buddy Triston. (Kent points to Triston and both men smile at Rebecca.)

Rebecca: Hi. (Rebecca continues to look around the room for her friend.)

Triston: Do you come here often? (Rebecca's head snaps towards Triston in surprise and then her eyes settle on his face.)

Rebecca: A little cliche, don't you think? (Rebecca picks up her coke with her right hand and takes a sip.)

Triston: Well, I haven't seen you before. (Trison places his right hand on the back of Rebecca's chair.)

Rebecca: Like I said, cliche. (Rebecca sets the drink down on the table.)

Rebecca: My friend and I are friends with the D.J. (Rebecca nods towards the D.J. booth, making eye contact with John who nods back, also making eye contact with Triston.)

Triston: Oh, that's nice. Hey, would you like to dance? (Triston turns back towards Rebecca, scooting his chair away from the table.)

Rebecca: Not really. (Rebecca picks up her drink and takes another sip.)

Kent: Dance with my buddy. (Rebecca turns towards Kent and notices that he has scooted closer.)

Rebecca: I'd rather not. (Rebecca turns and looks around the room again for her friend.)

Rebecca: I really need to get back to my friends. (She spots Shannon standing next to the bouncer - they are talking and smiling - they begin to laugh when Rebecca catches their attention - she mouths to them: "Help Me". - they laugh.)

Kent: How about another one of those drinks I saw you drinking earlier? (Rebecca turns to look at Kent.)

Rebecca: No. I'm a one-drink girl. (Rebecca frowns at Kent and folds her hands in her lap.)

Kent: Triston, why don't you gut us some drinks? (Kent looks at Triston - both have smirks on their faces.)

Triston: Will do. (Triston jumps up and walks briskly towards the bar.)

Kent: We could go to my place to hang. (Kent leans towards Rebecca - taking in a deep inhale through his nose - like he is smelling her hair.)

Rebecca: No, I'm here with my friend. (Rebecca leans away from Kent.)

Kent: Hey Triston you should ask Rebecca's friend to join us. (Kent looks up noticing Triston has returned with drinks.)

Triston: Who's that? (Triston looking excited.)

Kent: The blonde behind the D.J. booth. (Rebecca, Kent, and Triston all look towards the D.J. booth. Shannon doesn't notice as she is talking to John.)

Rebecca: We have plans after, so neither of us is available. (Rebecca lies quickly.)

Bouncer: Hey honey. I think it's time to go home. (Bouncer places both of his hands on Rebecca's shoulders, leaning in to speak into her left ear. Rebecca jumps and then settles into her seat.)

Rebecca: Okay. (Rebecca turns to look at the bouncer and timidly smiles.)

Rebecca: See yah. (As the bouncer pulls the chair out for her. Rebecca stands up quickly and smiles at Triston and Kent taking the bouncer's extended arm as she turns away. Kent and Triston have bewildered looks.)

Bouncer: Hi, my name is Victor. (Victor and Rebecca turn their heads to look at each other.)

Rebecca: Hi, I'm Rebecca. (Rebecca smiles at Victor and Victor smiles back.)

Victor: I know. Your friends told me. (Both Victor and Rebecca look forward as they continue to walk past the bar, through the restaurant, and out the front door.)

Rebecca: Yeah, I bet they did. (Standing at the entrance of the restaurant, Rebecca leans against the wall.)

Victor: Your friend, Shannon, asked me to wait to see if you could get yourself out of the situation. (Victor stands facing Rebecca with his arms crossed and his legs shoulder-width apart. His arms ripped and dark against the white polo shirt.

Rebecca: Sounds like her. (Rebecca lowers her head, looking at her feet.)

Victor: Well it is probably a good thing that I came to your rescue. (Victor leans against the opposite wall, crossing his legs.)

Rebecca: Yeah... Although, I never would have left with them... Shannon would have punched one of them. (Both Victor and Rebecca laugh, both lowering their arms to rest along their sides.)


About the author

Rebecca A Hyde Gonzales

I started writing when I was about eight years old. I love to read and I also love to create. As a writer and an artist, I want to share the things that I have learned and experienced. Genres: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and history.

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