The Meet

by Michael Alford III about a year ago in love

The Sweet Smell of Romance

The Meet

It had felt like an eternity passed but when David looked at his watch again only ten minutes had ticked away. Could this day get any slower, he thought to himself with a sigh. Tonight was supposed to be the night he proposed to his girlfriend and he was already running late for dinner. He reached into his pocket to get his phone.

Claire was just about to leave her desk when her supervisor approached. Ugh, what now? she thought, aggravated that he was bothering her right before closing.

“Hey. Do you think you can edit this report by tomorrow? I would do it but I have a family emergency that needs to be handled,” he said handing her the stack of papers.

“Sure thing I’ll have it done first thing in the morning.”

“Great thanks. Would you mind locking up too? I’m in a real hurry. Thanks!”

Her supervisor was already out the door before she could even say yes. Claire, being as loving as she was, just giggled a little because she never saw her boss run before.

David began to text Claire but deleted it because he thought it was going to sound desperate. Placing the phone on the desk he returned to filling out the information on his computer. If I hurry this should only take about 15 more mins.

“Hey, Siri. Play car radio.”

Music helped him concentrate. David began to type faster and with a purpose.

Claire finished locking up and began to head to her car. She looked at her watch and was shocked that it was so late. The lockup took longer than she expecting and with her reservation for dinner in just 15 minutes, there was no time to procrastinate. She sped up as fast she could without falling in her heels, threw her stuff in the back seat, and started the car. She picked up her phone to type in the address when there was a tap on her window.

David finally finished out the last bit of the information when he received a call. It was Robert.

“Hey, Rob. What’s up?”

“Did you do it yet?”

“Not yet. Had to finish this paperwork for work before midnight and we both know it wouldn’t have gotten done after dinner.”

I hear you. Well, you better get a move on. Don’t want to keep Claire waiting too long.”

“Yea I’m heading out the door now. I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know how it goes.”

“Alright later man.”


David slid the phone back into his pocket, grabbed his jacket and keys, and rushed out the door.

Claire practically had a heart attack. A light shone in the car almost blinding her on top of that. She rolled down the window.

“How can I help you officer?”

“I had gotten a report that some guys were lurking around in the dark so I just wanted to make sure you were careful out there.”

“Thanks but I haven’t seen anyone around here. I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open.”

“Alright ma’am. You have a nice night.”

“You too.”

The officer walked off. With a sigh of relief, Claire put the car in drive and left the parking lot.

Michael Alford III
Michael Alford III
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