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The Massage: Part 1


By Nathan MaynardPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Have you ever had a massage that just relaxed all your joints loose, and muscles like jelly? That’s what she did to me when she stepped into my life that summer. This was too elaborate to just be a chance happening, and too random not to expect it to happen, but I fell into it hard. Where are my manners? My name is Alex and I live in New York City—well, Manhattan, to be specific. What I’m talking about exactly is the sensuous beginning this girl and I had, but the tragic ending it all had. It was so wrong but so right at the same time, like there was no control over it. Strangely, I felt like I needed this break, this whatever—well, to be exact, this affair on both parents, but let’s start from the beginning.

The whole eleventh grade was on a bus trip to Hershey Park and she was new to our grade and was an exchange student from Jamaica. We talked from time to time in school, but nothing major. Today, it was all different. On the way back on the bus from Hershey Park, it was like a party; everyone was bumping to Drake and Meek Mill. I was dancing up on my friend Tamera, but when I saw her sitting there so innocently, I had to approach her. It was so curious to me someone that acted so sexually charged all the time denied an opportunity to let some of it out. I walked from the party in the back and walked to her seat in the middle of the bus. I sat next to her and said, “Hey, why aren’t you in the back? Andre getting head from Marissa and Samantha got her titties out.”

She said, “Yea, it doesn’t matter to me. Imma just stay right here and play my game.” She said it so sad, so I sat next to her and we talked for a while, and the more we talked, the more I wanted to know, and the more I wanted her to ride me. She was wearing the tight pum pum shorts and her boobies were just popping out of her shirt. It made everything look so right.

I said, “You look really good and it looks so right.”

She said, “Thank you, it’s for Bae.”

I was shocked. She just got here, how could she have a bae (I had a bae as well, but that was beside the point)? She told me that they hooked up two months before and they are happy and to be honest, she was here now, so how would he know what happened? We flirted with each other and something came across me that I didn’t get with my girlfriend—something forbidden, but it made my soldier stand at attention.

She said, “I can see it bulging.”

I said “Go ahead, he wants you to touch him and maybe something else.”

She said "I want too so bad, but my boyfriend.”

After that, I was crushed, but I knew there was a chance, so I asked for her number and she gave it to me. She talked for weeks after the trip into the summer, and July 4th it started. We decided to go on a shopping trip downtown. It was the ultimate setup, but I fell for it and I wanted it. We met at the bus stop next to the school and walked all the way downtown. We walked and talked. It was deep, and how she dressed had me going once again. I wanted her bad and I never thought I would want her that bad. When we got the park, she took me inside and kissed me and said, “I know this is wrong, but I love you you make me feel so…”

I kissed her back. I dove right into her ocean of disillusion and confusion, but I liked it. It was new, fresh, and chaotic, but I loved her. We walked back on the main street and went shopping. When I got home, I was contemplating—could I really do this? Keep this going and not get caught? For that time, I just hopped into my bed and waited for the next day till she would talk to me and I would get to hear her voice.

She texted me. "Good night baby, talk to you tmmrw.”

"Good night, my dangerous dear," I said, and waited for the next day when the massage would continue.


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