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The mad Scientist

kidnapped and motivated, he makes a discovery!

By Novel AllenPublished 14 days ago 8 min read

Sometimes we breed evil into our world by unintentionally causing a good man to find that, hidden deep down inside of him is a horrible monster. A beast just waiting for the chance to emerge. A good man! Is there such a thing, we all think ourselves incapable of inflicting pain and horror upon others until we are put to the test. So our devoted family man and dedicated scientist Franz was about to find out.

Franz Kaputa was a brilliant scientist, his work with his special blend of herbal infusions to augment his experiments had become a worldwide phenomenon. Infusing the right herb into the pharmaceutical chemical concoctions had revolutionized modern medicine. People were healing from all types of ailments at thankful and unprecedented numbers. His teenage daughter had encouraged him to use herbs, he had indulged her, even though his scientific mind had fought against this concept.

She convinced him to change the way that most modern medicines are not made from herbs, but rather are synthesized in laboratories using chemical compounds.

He had been amazed at the results. This branch of science he had named after her. Hyacynthia Herbia, she had been very pleased.

All was going well until one day when Franz completely disappeared from the face of the earth. Everyone searched high and low, no sign of the poor man could be found. It has been two years and his family still waited for his return. Luckily his family still oversaw the distribution of the life saving drugs, hopefully, he watched television to keep up with the latest news.

Far, far away from civilization, after a very thorough search, we now have found our doctor. Getting him out would need a miracle of unprecedented proportion.~~~

Inside a large laboratory facility built very close to the Mugagi desert, with high electrified fences and dozens of guards with high-powered weapons, a dangerous scenario was unfolding.

Doctor Kaputa was sitting hunched over a large desk containing a vast array of scientific paraphernalia, computers, scattered paperwork and a mish mash of various other equipment. A large old fashioned chalkboard with all sorts of scientific principles was standing close by, every now and then Franz jumped up to scribble or erase some precept on the board.

He glanced around nervously, making sure that no one was observing his movements, although these lunkheads would have no clue as to what he was doing. Yet he had to be careful of the two lab assistants which they had assigned to him, they might notice his deviation from the work in progress.

Franz checked and double checked his work. Satisfied, he quietly reached for one of the mice, glanced around furtively and jabbed the needle into the rodent. It shivered violently and dissolved into a tiny pile.

"Yes"! He whispered. Sunio and Jake glanced at him enquiringly, he waved them off, mumbling pleasingly to himself as he cleaned up the mess. They were used to his crazy mumblings and just ignored Franz.

Franz sat still, a syringe grasped firmly in his right hand, pausing a moment to allow his imaginative processes to fly to devious heights. He could make his discovery airborne, he could decimate whole cities, governments, countries, he could murder this whole facility while leaving nothing but dust in his wake. He could..........

"Doc, are you ok, deadline, remember, this has to go out in thirty minutes". Sunio tapped her watch as she expounded on her words.

Franze awoke out of his reverie, nodded and concentrated on the new batch of poison which was due for pick up soon.

He had no choice in the work which he was being forced to do, Franz missed his family, he did not know if these people meant to ever allow him to leave this horrible place alive. Two armed men stood guard over in the corner night and day, leaving only when they allowed him to sleep. They never paid much mind to the doctor's actual work, just made sure that he stayed where he was supposed to be.

Two years ago, a sleek black van had pulled up close to him as he left his office late one evening, men had jumped out, stuck a hood over his head, and shoved him inside the van. One of them had taken his keys and drove his car to their compound. It was still here, he had seen it many times hidden away. Franz had been forced to use his skills to modify drugs for this organization of crooks and use his discovery to make their drugs more potent. He had no doubt that people were dying from the overuse of the product.

But he had planned his escape, he was no brave fighter, he could only rely on his brain to outsmart his captors.

In the drawer covered under what appeared to be formulas was a very special and dangerous discovery. While working on various methods to appease the harsh criminals, he had accidentally stumbled upon a formula, a method which no one had ever seen before.~~~

Franz was an extremely good cook. His mother had made sure that he learned to sustain himself, taught him to rely on no one to be his end all or be all. He had volunteered to cook for the men on numerous occasions since discovering his new method. Franz had a plan which would only work if he gained the trust of these ruthless men. He had won them all over with his cuisine, all except Marcus, the bossman, he was taking no chances, he trusted no one.

Farhad Ibrahimzade - Unsplash

Today Franz cooked peppered steak, rice, fries and vegetables. Into the tasty steak he had infused his special blends of spices and the secret formula. It should take at least twelve hours to reduce them to the state of the rat, considering their body mass index. Franz hoped and prayed that he had gotten his formula right.

The first shift of guards ate the delicious meal, the lab assistants licked their fingers. The second shift of guards finished the entire meal and Franz washed the pots and pans himself, which was unusual, but no one complained. Marcus allowed everyone this one day feast every week when he was in a good mood. Still he would not partake, Franz was not worried, he had planned for that eventuality.

Next morning, he awoke to find only dry grainy puddles and discarded clothing on the floor everywhere. He did not bother to check on the others whom he could not see. HIS EXPERIMENT HAD WORKED. Only Marcus stood in his way.

Franz filled the largest syringe that he could find with the formula. Then he waited patiently for the arrival of Marcus.

He heard the intercom buzz, Marcus' annoyed voice bellowed for the guards, for the workers, for anybody.

Nobody answered. Doc Kaputa stood behind the door as Marcus came charging in calling for the guards. As he stepped in Franz jabbed the needle into his neck and squeezed the plunger of the syringe. This amount would fell a horse in a about an hour. Marcus dropped to his knees.

Franz was ready, he had erased every evidence of his work and procured his research which he had in his case slung around his neck. He grabbed Marcus around the shoulder and hurriedly helped him out the door and into the elevator. The cars were in the garage on the lower floors. They reached the doctor's car, the keys hung on a hook, Franz grabbed his and shoved Marcus unceremoniously into the back seat. He started the car, checked that he had enough gas to get away from the labaratory, there was. He pressed the buttons for the outside gates.

Everywhere he looked he saw many little piled heaps scattered here and there, but not a living soul was in sight. He saw the automatic weapons and clothing lying close to the piles, he wondered what the authorities would think happened to the owners of the clothes. Franz shook his head in acknowledgement of his genius.

He drove out towards the desert, the day was shaping up to be a particularly hot one. Parking the car a safe enough distance from the sands of the desert to allow him to drive safely back, he opened the back door and helped Marcus out. They walked for at least a half an hour in the blazing sun of the arid desert, he had to drag Marcus along while he cursed and swore at him.

"If I were you Marcus, I would use my last breaths to pray and ask for forgiveness, instead of inviting the devil and his demons to be your forever companion. This is where I will leave you now". Franz let go and Marcus stood for a minute before slipping down unto the burning sand.

"Please don't leave me here, have some mercy, what is happening to me".

"Thanks to you Marcus, I will now become a very rich and famous man. I have made a new discovery which could end wars and get rid of anyone who stands in my way. Although I have learned a valuable lesson from you. Doing good is better, but only when necessary, for people like you will always be around. Goodbye Marcus"!

Not far away from this scene, a desert sand cat watched, fascinated, as the possibility of a friend raised its hopes.

Marcus lifted his fists slowly, weakly, he pumped it angrily at no one in particular, at the universe, but mostly at himself. He tried to speak but he could not, he could only hear his last thoughts in his head.

"The damned doctor had outwitted me. Maybe he is the devil and has finally caught up with me, I can see nothing but sand. My death is certain, I am doomed.

Oh God! My body is shifting, I am dissolving into tiny, brown grains.

Engulfed in the desert's parched silence, I was nothing but another grain of sand in the wind".


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Novel Allen

(Uk based) I Exist within moments, driven by whims and fancies, a free spirited dreamer. I Run wild with the wind.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran13 days ago

    Oh no, that poor mouse 🥺 But that formula was so brilliant! So glad Franz managed to escape. He can finally be with this family! Loved your story!

  • A literalist approach to the challenge. Nice!

  • Mariann Carroll14 days ago

    Very nice. Turning people into rats and sand 🏆

  • M14 days ago

    Woah. I loved that.

  • Mother Combs14 days ago


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