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The Little Black Book

by Crystal Bickford 5 months ago in humanity

There Is Hope After All

Katrina’s life was split between being an only child, raised in a God loving home to then swiftly becoming an orphan. She barely remembered the word of God as told to her by her grandmother many years ago. Grandma passed away when she was eight years old. Katrina’s parents were taken from her by a drunk driver in a car accident when she was ten. She had no other family so she became a ward of the state at that time.

Her world as she knew it was flipped upside down. She battled the many evils of the world throughout her years in the system. She did what she needed to do to stay alive and make it to adulthood. Her memory of the hopes and dreams she had during her youngest years slowly faded over time. She did hold onto one thing, she remembered her grandmother telling her that when she first came to America that she knew the freedoms that Americans proudly held would help bring the world to peace.

She was proud of her little slice of domain she was able to create from her hard work and perseverance. She didn’t have great things, she worked all the time for a corporation that only knew her as a number. They only cared about their money, most of the world was thrown into the downward spiral of greed. She knew there were people out there that had it worse then her so she was grateful and humble to be as far as she was in life. Each day the world tested her hope and faith. She always wondered what her grandmother and parents would think if they could see the way the world was today.

It was the morning of her twentieth birthday and it started like any other. She worked her ten hour shift, grabbed take out food for dinner on her way home and planned to watch her nightly show. She arrived at the doorstep of her tiny apartment and fumbled to get her door unlocked. She barely set her stuff on the table when the doorbell rang. She was a loner so it took her by surprise. It was a courier with a yellow envelope for her. She signed for the package, thanked him and locked the door. She was curious as to what was inside so she sat on her couch and ripped it open. She dumped the contents onto her lap, there was a white envelope and a little black book with blank pages. She sliced open the other envelope and was shocked to find a stack of cash with a letter.

The letter was from her grandmother, tears filled her eyes as the rush of her grandma's lovely memory filled her mind. She held on tight to the moments she could still remember. She smelled the paper and admired her grandmother’s handwriting. She held the paper close to her heart and closed her eyes, she felt a calmness come over her and could feel that her grandmother was with her. Katrina sat up and took one big sigh before she started to read the letter.

My Dearest Katrina,

If you are reading this then that means three things. First, it means that I am no longer living. I hope you have dealt with the grief and continue to live a good life. Know that I will see you again one day. Second, it means that you have made it to your 20th birthday. Happy birthday baby girl! I hope you have had many happy days and continue to have many more years of joy. Third, it means that the world has gotten closer to the end of days and we must do whatever we can to try to save it.

There should be a little black book included with this package. The blank pages in the book could be used for many things except for money. As you write in the book at night, the words vanish into the pages and become reality the next day. You already know that there are many evils in the world so you must be very protective and selective with the pages. Once you write in the book you activate the timeline and you only have seven nights to use it.

I am giving you $20,000 with this, it is all I have saved. I hope it can be of some help for your life at this time. I am sorry you are given this burden and I know that you know in your heart what the right things are to do. I love you very much and I will see you again when the time is right. Take care and be safe my sweet girl.



Katrina often felt the night of her parents death was a turning point not only in her own world but all around her. She remembered her grandmother warning her of the end of times coming and she knew that she had been getting closer to that day since she was ten years old. She was conflicted as to if she should use the pages to make the last of her days the best of her days or if she should use it to heal the world. The money came at the perfect time as she was behind on every bill due, she was always having to fix something on her old car. She was excited to think that she could use the remainder as a down payment on her own home. So many possibilities ran through her mind.

She was getting ready for bed and it came time for her to write her first page. She didn’t really think the book was a legit thing. She was happy to have a letter from her grandmother but she laughed at the idea that the book would be magic. She couldn’t help herself and she wrote, “Katrina is the owner of a brand new, fully loaded BMW SUV with a lifetime of fuel.” Her ink soaked into the pages and vanished before her eyes. She was amazed, shocked, afraid and excited. She did her best to get to sleep before her alarm went off in the morning. She popped her eyes open just as the buzzing started and ran to the window to look out at her car.

Her old, beat up Honda was gone and in its place was the car of her dreams. She felt on top of the world and knew that the best was yet to come. That night she wrote on the pages, “Katrina finds the perfect house with the best price.” Again, the words disappeared and the next morning she happened to get an email about a house for sale in her desired neighborhood. The price was half it’s worth so she jumped on the opportunity and had an offer accepted by the end of the day.

She was so excited to get the next thing written out but she was having a hard time deciding what it shall be. She was happy to have ‘things’ and to finally feel she was going to live a comfortable life but it made her sad to think of the turmoil going on around the world. Her heart strings tugged and she knew the right thing to do. That night she wrote on the page of the little black book, “Every person and animal shall always have enough food and clean water.” The next day she woke up in a world that had plenty of healthy crops and no empty bellies. There was never any food gone to waste.

She could feel the pride beaming from her grandmother and parents watching over her. That night she wrote, “May every human have a healthy amount of happiness, love and compassion.” The next day she woke up in a world that not only looked healthier but it smelled good too. Her neighbors were giving each other a hand instead of the middle finger. It made her feel so warm inside to think that she was helping bring the world back from evil.

Her mind was spinning with the instant effect her wishes were giving people. She couldn’t imagine in her wildest dreams that the world could be that way. Her times in the system gave her a grim outlook on the world and it had started to harden her own heart. She still went into work daily and enjoyed her chores on her day off that week. She felt so welcomed and comfortable at work that she didn’t dread it anymore. At night she started to struggle with what she should write down next. She grabbed her pen and wrote on the pages, “May our world be fueled naturally, our bodies be healed naturally and rid the world of disease.” The next day she saw less pharmacy's on the corners on her drive to work.

That evening after dinner she thought deeply about her words that she would write on the blank pages of the little black book. The time came and she huddled up to the book. Her pen followed her motions and wrote, “May the Earth and community provide enough shelter for all beings.” Katrina woke up the next morning and her landscape looked different. There were no more people suffering outside on the streets in the cold.

She knew her time was coming to an end for the book and she needed to make the last one count. She wrote on the page, “May our leaders always be honest and keep a sustainable humanitarian agenda.” The next day she woke up as the President of the United States. She was the first woman president. Despite the hardships she went through as a kid she was thankful that she was still kind and that she knew that she had the love of God in her heart after all. No matter the obstacles put before her she didn’t let the dark side get the best of her. Her grandmother and parents had always been her light in her darkest days. It was dimming as the world got worse. She always knew there was a way to stop the end of the world. She just never thought it would be by her with the help of a magical little black book.

Crystal Bickford
Crystal Bickford
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