The Joys of Finding Friends—Online

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Finding Them Online

The Joys of Finding Friends—Online

I am a person who finds the company of other people enjoyable, but I have been having trouble finding anyone to really hang out with or talk to. Frankly, a lot of people my age I find repulsive in those manners, but in a general sense, I can tolerate. I turned to the wonders of the internet, to help supplement my needs of more human interaction and to have the feeling of belongingness. I have been doing this for as long as I remember. Finding people to talk through the internet has its ups and downs. This blog is to show you what it is like before you make your decisions.

To give some background information, I am a female currently in high school. I have used several different types of messaging apps and game to create these friends, for example, Kik, IMVU, Cat Chat, Omegle, and DSI Chat. Even though this information may seem meaningless to you guys, you might have a different experience based on basic information you have given internet friends and where you go to find them.

Being Female:

Like RPGs, females are usually rare on chats like Kik and Omegle, so if you are a female and people know that you are, usually you're the one being harassed. At first, it will be meaningless "cat callings" like "Any sexy girls on tonight?" or "Aye I bet you are ready for some fun," then switch up to dick picks and asking for your nudes, which can get highly annoying if you are looking to just rant to a few people who will forget in a matter of five minutes (which I have not found a lasting one till this day). If you like that sort of attention, by all means, any online chatting is the right place for you to go to, but please be careful.

I do like honestly good comments and sexting RP, gives me the attention that I was seeking. I usually do not give out any personal information though, like address, name, age, or photos. I would not trust most sites, for most people are sketchy on chatting sites.

Being Under 13:

As I stated before I have been talking to random strangers on the internet for as long as I can remember. I highly suggest if you are not 16 or older, do not talk to random strangers on the internet. When the DSI was popular I joined a chat group called DSI Chat, met a few great internet friends and had several laughs. It was not the dick pics or the rude comments that seemed to have messed me up, it was the messages that told me, "Hey (insert username here) your friend (insert another one here) recently killed themselves." This happened to me quite a few times and being about 12 years old I cried and thought to myself, 'Could I have done something to stop it?' Now that I am an adult I know that even if they did (which I am 90 percent sure that they did not), I could not have done much about it.

People who use online chatting will definitely get exposed to several different kinds of people. Sometimes I still cannot understand or comprehend what has been sent to me. Unless you want to learn different disturbing things about what humans do, or you are emotionally ready to face these sort of things, I do not suggest chatting with strangers.

Meeting Up:

I did obtain a real relationship with someone I met online. For now, let us just call this man James. James and I met on an online chat app called Meow Chat (it actually does not exist anymore). We talked for about two days, just talking like friends and sending a, "Hey this is what I look like photo." Quickly we found out that we lived three miles away from each other. Having an interest in making new friends, we decided to meet up over the weekend, I was about 14. I did have my precautions (brought a Swift Army knife), but I don't think at that time I really knew how extremely dangerous this could have been (never told my parents). I told him to pick me up at a retail store because I did not want him to know where I lived. Thinking I was going to be picked up by him, his grandmother pulled up without him in the car telling me to hop in. How did she know I was the right person to be picked up? How many people did she tell to get in her car, and why would she have trusted this? At this point, I was very nervous but excited. All in all, we dated for about eight months, then I realized he was insane (cutting my name on his chest, burning my things once I broke up with him, and trying to guilt me for everything).

Meeting up with people online could be very dangerous, but sometimes it can be a bit of fun. This also all depends on what sites you are using, a lot of dating sites are safer to use than random apps.

Making Money (Trying):

I, like many other people, like making money, I, like some other people, have tried to rip others off for money. Catfishing (and sugar daddies/babies) is when you please someone (usually in nudes, or sexting) for money. This never worked out, I never used a real photo, and people are actually pretty hard to scam (I don't know how catfishers to this). Finding many photos that look like that same person is really hard, a lot of people can tell that they are fake too (they will request for certain poses and signs, which you will never find a look-alike of on the internet). I really wanted to make a few bucks and thought of this as a game/challenge. I wasted a lot (cannot emphasize this enough) of time doing all of this to make nothing out of it. Just do not do it, unless it is actually you (some ask for a driver's license, but yet again I do not recommend).


I know this is not as big of a topic compared to the others, but it is very much an annoyance on all chats. Spambots are fake people that are just there to say whatever they were programmed to say. Such as advertising for a porn site, trying to get you to give them money, and trying to get you onto other sites so they can hack your computer. It is quite easy to ignore spambots, just do not click on or answer them.

Besides these downers chat sites are quite fun, and you can easily make a few friends that like a few days, or sometimes a few months without making any commitment! If you are looking for a long-term friendship online, look somewhere else most online chat people will not bother.

Here are a few I recommend:


Second Life

Wire Club

How does it work?
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