The Growing Pressure

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The Pressure and How You Can Help

The Growing Pressure

Can you remember before computers were in everyone's house? Most kids nowadays are growing up in a time where technology is all around them. As you can imagine, technology has changed everything. Now we have tons of information available at the touch of a finger tip. Unfortunately, with the good news comes the bad news. This sudden boom of technology has allowed for not only the spread of great ideas, but it has also aided in spreading messages of hate and violence. In this new world it seems hard to avoid the pressure. We turn on the news and see the good news but we also see the bad. Kids now can look to a screen and see the world they inherit. They will see the headlines we make and they will have to fix the problems we make.

Part of what contributes to the growing pressure is the fear of what is to come. So many kids look to the internet and the news to see what is happening with the world, but often times, instead of seeing the happy headlines they see the problems they will have to deal with—global warming, melting of the icecaps so on and so on. People wonder why kids say things like I am dead inside. It's because they feel like they are drowning in this whirlwind of problems, all issues that they will have to face down the road. I worry for the youth. I worry that we will give them all our unsolved problems. I worry that kids don't run around in yard playing anymore because they are hiding behind screens. Most of all, I worry that we are showing them all these problems just to leave them to fix it on their own.

I know a kid who once cried because he was scared of all the problems he saw and heard about. He was scared because he knew he would have to try and fix what was wrong. He was scared because he did not know if he would be able to fix the world that would be handed to him. So in this world of growing pressure, I urge you to spread love not hate; to show your kids the world and how amazing it is. I urge you to be the change you want to see. I urge you to help fix what is broken so kids don't have to cry in fear of all they have to fix. Above all I hope you use your voice to spread love and kindness not fear and hate.

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Raven Darkwood

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