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The greatest mother in the world

After the wind and rain of the grass, become resilient, and thriving; after the snow-capped plum blossoms,

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
The greatest mother in the world
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After the wind and rain of the grass, become resilient, and thriving; after the snow-capped plum blossoms, become defiant of the cold, elegant, and beautiful; after the strict teaching of my mother, I became brave and strong, and independent.

I grew up with a beautiful and fearful impression of my mother, who was like a big shark at the bottom of the sea, with a serious face all day long and a fierce soul. If I do not do well, she will loudly reprimand me and like to eat me in general. I envy other people's children, their mothers will hold them in their hearts, spoil them into a baby, not let them do anything. My mother was different, she let me do everything and never worried if I would get tired. If I didn't do it right, I would get a lecture or a beating, or I couldn't eat until I did it right, which is why I was afraid of my mother.

My mother was an extremely clean person, so the house had to be clean and neat.

But she didn't do the housework, I did all the work myself, including sweeping and mopping the floor, arranging shoes, and organizing the table and refrigerator. Her requirements are very demanding: there must be only three things on the table, the refrigerator must be sorted, shoes must be arranged in a straight line, and the floor must be almost as clean as a mirror. I was often reprimanded by my mother for being so demanding. On one occasion, when she came back from work and saw some stains on the floor, she gave me a hard time and told me to clean up again. My heart was helpless, but I could only secretly tell myself that I should have higher requirements for hygiene in the future ......

My mother also has high requirements for my writing, so she makes me practice it every night, and sometimes she even makes me practice brush writing.

But every time I practiced, there was always a large coat rack next to the table. My heart was long occupied with fear, and I could only practice my writing because I didn't want to see my mother's strict and cold eyes.

That night was the coldest mother I had ever seen. It was late at night, with only the blinding light and the whistling cold wind, and a piece of paper with circles scattered on the floor, with words all over the posters, black and squashed like the serious face of my mother. The young hands, more than a red mark, the mother, again and again, to tear off my practice, my heart like a knife cut, pain straight shiver, tears keep flowing down, wet the word post but can not melt the mother's heart. It wasn't until 12:30 at midnight that my mother was satisfied with my writing, and then she took out the medicine and put it on the table, and let me rub it in myself.

My mother's various strictness made me even stricter in the days to come to demand perfection from myself. In the process of self-imposed strictness, I gradually learned to be independent and responsible, brave and strong in the face of difficulties. In the process of self-imposed strictness, I became better and better at housework, and my handwriting became more and more beautiful. I also grew up and understood a lot. Now that I am a junior high school student, I live away from home at school. I thought school life would be tough, but it is much easier than I thought. My mom's requirements were similar to the school rules, so I quickly adapted to school life. My handwriting, after my mother's strict requirements, has now received many compliments from my teachers.

It was not until that time that I realized that there was a gentle side to my mother's stern side. That time, I was in an extraordinarily irritable mood, so I made my writing very sloppy and was lectured by my teacher. I gathered the courage to tell my mother about it, expecting to be lectured badly, however, my mother did not get angry but said calmly: Next time, you can't do that. Next time, you can't do that. I felt a surge of unprecedented joy in my heart. At that moment, I felt the encouragement and warmth from my mother, and my good wishes had finally come true. At that moment, I was more certain that the reason why my mother was strict with me was that she wanted me to become better and more self-disciplined!

The passage of time verified my growth and my mother's love for me, a deep love hidden in her strictness.


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