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The Great Awakening

by Deborah Jane Coates about a year ago in friendship
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featuring the little black notebook

“Bloody hell, this is going to be a mammoth task” Magda thought to herself. Why she had offered to help the eccentric, elderly gentleman she knew only as Earl was now escaping her. Because I AM a caring neighbour, she reminded herself and besides, he really has no one else. So, with that thought, she girded her loins, took a deep breath, and firmly knocked on his front door. Whilst waiting for Earl (which she knew from experience would take forever), she used the time to glance around their Walthamstow suburbia. Today felt, smelt, and appeared different to her, it was her favourite time of year, blossom on the trees, not a cloud in the sky, spring had sprung and by the look of it most people were feeling the benefits. She was just mentally planning a sunny, care-free afternoon at the park lying under her favourite oak tree when she was jolted back into the present moment by a quiet but firm, “Can I help you”? As Magda turned around to see a stranger on the doorway, she knew instantly in the pit of her stomach she was not going to help Earl go through his prized possessions, box up what he could take to what would reluctantly be his new and probably last dwelling.

The stranger confirmed her inner knowing, Magda thanked the lady for letting her know of Earls passing 2 days previous. She found herself saying “sorry for your loss” as she slowly turned around to walk back down the steps that led to her basement flat. Once inside her hallway, dark and void of light in stark contrast to the light outside, Magda’s mood changed, she fell back against her front door, her thoughts started racing along with her heartbeat, why hadn’t she taken that bloody hotpot round the night before, why had she privately moaned about helping him pack, why had she bloody well told the stranger from the care home that she was sorry for their loss. Well, they would incur a ‘financial’ loss but they didn’t know him, not like she did. Suddenly, right there and then in that moment she realised how protective and upset she was that Earl was no longer going to be a part of her here and now. A thud at the door stopped her racing mind. She quickly went to the mirror, checked her stinging eyes and cheeks, and then proceeded to open the front door with a brave face. “You are Magda, right? The lady she had just spoken to was now at her door asking the question. Magda politely nodded as her sore eyes were drawn to what the lady was holding out in front of her, “this must be for you then”, she quickly smiled, turned and disappeared back up the stairs.

Magda could not recall how she kept herself busy for the next couple of hours, she could not get Earl out of her thoughts, she pondered how she had labelled him eccentric, going along with how others described him, anyway was that just an indoctrinated way of describing a creative soul ?Was a creative soul that danced to their own tune the essence of ‘punk’, she thought, trying to qualify and put a modern spin on it. When she got to the park the sun was still shining in all its glory, sending its rays of warmth and comfort. She made her way to her favourite spot, rolled out her designer, fluffy rug that should have cost a small fortune but had in fact been the steal of the century due to it being marked up incorrectly or realistically depending on your point of view. She always loved walking past that ever so stuck-up homeware shop, having an inner chuckle to herself knowing that she had gotten one over them. The position she found was ‘just right’, shaded by the grandeur of the wise, old oak’s protective branches. She rested her weary body and duly pulled out Earl’s gift safely tucked away in her camo rucksack. It was time to see what he could possibly have left her. She wanted to savour opening the brown paper package with her name and address on, tied securely with a string. It was not just double wrapped, she had to tentatively unravel three layers of paper before she saw it. And there it was, a neat, little, black notebook the size you could easily carry with you just in case you had to jot something down quick. She imagined Earl popping the notebook into the top pocket of that stylish 1960’s tweed overcoat he used to wear, that she knew must have cost a month’s wage back then at some Saville Row outfitters and presumably why it had lasted so well all these years. She had never known what Earl has done professionally and she got the feeling she was not at liberty to delve. The moleskin on the little black book was also intact, how old it was she wasn’t quite sure; it was a timeless design. She carefully opened the cover and right there in the middle of the front page was written in faded black ink … “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Magda spent the next 3 hours scrolling through each delicate page of the little black notebook, engrossed in all the wisdom, truths, science, alchemy that was being presented to her. It was as if when each page was finished, she could then manage to place another jigsaw piece in the puzzle. The puzzle being who, why and what we are here for. She was feverishly digesting the revelations and wonderments of the authors notes that were seemingly opening memories already stored in the darkest reaches of her DNA. How did he know I would understand? she questioned herself, why did he want me to have this knowledge, …to what gain?

The last page of the notebook was addressed directly to Magda, it read…

” I thank you for reading all that I AM, all that I have learnt, unlearnt, the truths I have discovered on 'who; we really are and what the future holds for HUMANITY. The Great Awakening has started, those that are seeded here will simultaneously awake and in turn will awake others. We have all agreed to be here at this monumental time, I now pass this golden baton to you. Spread the word for I AM the light, I AM the love I AM the truth…I AM. In the third month of this year, you will write this story down, it will get shared, acknowledged. You will be rewarded financially for publishing this story and will use the money to spread all that you have learnt and help others, for you see, so many of us were uncorruptible and this will be our strength, you have passed this test without even knowing you were being tested!!

Finally, sweet Magda, I AM sorry to have not met at our predetermined date, I knew how and when I was going to move on in this timeline and yet I didn’t want you to have that final image of my vessel minus my energy, my vibration, I know you will understand"

As Magda closed the book on the last page she finally felt at peace for the first time in this life, she looked up to the glorious sun and whispered, thank you Earl.....until we meet again my friend, until we meet again.


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