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The Goddess

by D. D Bartholomew 2 years ago in love
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A very, very short love story

Antonio was thinking about Marianna again. He thought about her all the time and wondered if she ever thought of him. Marianna was a goddess, at least that’s what he thought. And like most goddesses, she was unattainable, unknowable and yet he wanted to know her. His longing for her was breaking him apart.

She’d once encouraged him by looking in his direction and smiling. Of course, that was after he’d just finished giving a recital at the theater, so he wasn’t sure if she smiled at him or just smiled in general. He’d like to think it was the former.

He walked over to the window and reflected on his opulent surroundings. The long hard years of brutal work, sleepless nights and dedication had paid off, he thought. He had always loved magical Barcelona. It was a place that encouraged his passion for music and his passion for life, and that was why he moved there. But at what cost? He was lonely. It always amazed him that he could be surrounded by people and still be completely alone.

Antonio gulped. He glanced at his own reflection in the window glass and saw a hopeless figure, a shell of the man he used to be. That’s the way he thought of himself every time he saw himself in the mirror and he wondered why a goddess like Marianna would ever consider him as being worthy of even a word.

But the reality was that he was a sexy, strong, man who could have anyone he wanted, but Marianna was the only one he wanted and if it couldn’t be her, it would be no one. But not even he was prepared for what would happen today.

The evening sun shone on the streets of Barcelona making the buildings brighter and the shadows seem darker. It made Antonio happy, so he stepped outside to stand in the warm summer sun. He picked up a leaf that had been strewn nearby. Massaging it with his fingers he marveled at the deep green color. He sighed and tossed the leaf on the ground, then looked towards the town, thinking it might be nice to have a meal out tonight. He started walking at a slow pace, simply putting one foot in front of the other and not thinking about anything much.

As he strolled towards the town he started humming to himself, trying to remember a piece of music he’d been trying to learn and couldn’t. Just when he thought he’d gotten a phrase down pat, he’d forget it again because Marianna’s presence kept pushing itself into his thoughts.

As he approached the café, he turned to look back at his house and saw a car turning into his driveway. He watched it as it made the turn into the circle in front of his door and stopped. He saw someone get out of the car and to his great shock it was the woman he wanted more than life itself - he nearly fainted upon seeing her.

He ran full speed back toward his house and arrived just as she was approaching his front door. She turned and saw him. As he stood near his front steps, heart pounding out of his chest, he saw Marianna come closer.

She approached him and gazed at him with affection, putting her hands on his chest, causing him to jump slightly. She brushed her lips on his and said, in hushed tones "I love you and I want you. Yet you seem to not know I exist."

Antonio was shocked, never expecting her to even glance at him let along hear the words “I love you” coming from her mouth. In fact, he found it difficult to believe. He gazed at her, then took her hand "Marianna, I love you, too " he replied.

Marianna looked hopeful, her emotions welling up caused her to blush. Then she leaned her head on his shoulder and he kissed her head.

He took her arm to lead her to the front steps where they went inside the house for a nice cup of tea and to get to know each other better.



About the author

D. D Bartholomew

D.D. Bartholomew was born in NY, and lived in Australia, Canada and Japan. She works at the Met Opera in NYC. She writes romance and currently has three books on Amazon. Her hobbies include iaido (samurai sword), baking and singing opera.

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