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The girl who drinks a lot

Passing away.

By Zuck SchwartzerPublished 5 months ago 8 min read
The girl who drinks a lot
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At the beginning of the year, I heard that the actress who played Ling Meiji in "Balalaika Little Magic Fairy" passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

This girl, who brought us beauty and magic

Her life was forever fixed at the age of 25.

It is saddening.

We often say.

We never know which will come first, tomorrow or the accident.

Looking through her social accounts.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

And these two things.

The most direct cause of heart attack.

Today I want to talk about drinking.

Near the end of the year.

All kinds of social gatherings for drinking are inevitable.

Every year, the Spring Festival

We can see such news.

Excessive drinking sudden acute illness.

The death of a person who died after being persuaded to drink and vomit.

Drunk driving causes major traffic accidents ......

It turns out that drinking.

Really will kill people.


Just a few days ago.

A man was drunk from a party.

Too late to walk into the house.

on the ground in the neighborhood.

When he was found, he

already froze all over.

The arteries on the back of the feet could not be felt.

The whole body is like a big ice cube.

After being sent to the emergency room.

Still cold and

Stayed in a curled-up position.

The doctor initially judged that

Both hands and feet are difficult to save.

It is likely to require amputation.

At this time, the

The family's breakdown and tears, the

can no longer save him.

A good man.

It is the time to support the family.

but because of drinking to the point of unconsciousness.

In the subzero temperature of winter

He froze himself like this.

I wonder if he will regret it when he regains consciousness ......

The same helpless story, the

Also happened in Changsha.

A young girl was asked to receive male customers after work.

She did not want to go.

But the leadership requirements can not be excused.

Go to go, did not expect to continue to sing after dinner.

The client kept playing dice and pouring wine.

She drank until she lost consciousness.

Her husband picked her up and took her home.

After her husband took her home, she kept convulsing and vomiting blood.

The diagnosis showed acute alcohol poisoning.

The husband was so angry that he broke down.

When he wanted to ask the company for an explanation.

But was found that this girl has been removed from the group chat ......


Some people drink of their own free will.

And some are forced to drink.

I think every adult has heard these words.

"If you are a man, give me this bottle."

"Do not drink? Do not give a face to the brother"

"Today you two can drink then who can drink who"

"You drink with me today happy, this single is your"


This is a common Chinese persuasion technique.

Each sentence seems to be in voice.

Adults are certainly not unfamiliar.

Xian Zhang and Xian Ho are security guards at a property in Shenzhen.

This night.

Two people patrolled the property several times after

The building's security director invited them to drink.

Xuzhou usually does not like to drink much.

Drinking capacity is not good and refused.

Later, the security chief also came.

Two people together to persuade Xiaoping to drink.

The security director said.

"One of you drink a bottle, drink to go to sleep, and we help you two cover the shift."

The two men said, "One of you, go to bed afterward, we help you two cover the shift.

I can only participate in this drinking game.

A bottle of 43 degrees of white wine down after

He collapsed in a chair and lost consciousness.

And Xian Zhang continued to drink.

1:00 am.

security director and security chief.

took Xian Zhang to the hospital.

By then he had lost his vital signs.

Xuzhou woke up also lying in the hospital.

By Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

was diagnosed as moderate alcohol poisoning.

The life was saved by a fluke.

A drinking game became a permanent goodbye.

Persuasion, to put it nicely, is passionate.

To the bad heard is to kill ah.

This is still a "culture" that has been passed down for thousands of years.

Human society.

Small to friends gathering family dinner.

Large to do birthday business.

It seems that only the drink.

to make things happen.

Wine is the lubricant of human feelings.

Do not play the guise of friendship to kill others ah.

For a while, the

The topic of "wine table culture" is very hot.

The reason is that a young man who just graduated and joined the bank.

The first thing that happened was that a young man who had just graduated from the bank posted a message in the campus recruitment group.

This paragraph is very informative.

Unable to drink was slapped by the leader.

A mouthful of profanity personal attacks insults.

Dropping a wine glass and smashing a table.

Using the strength of alcohol to female colleagues move their hands and feet ......

This rogue behavior.

all happened in a drinking game.

Alcohol numbs the nerves of the person.

also ripped the shame under the suit.

Human inferiority is exposed at the drinking table.

These images.

Many people should not be unfamiliar with it.

Recall the various types of dinners you attended.

Is there always a person carrying a bottle of wine?

Toasting people everywhere.

"Leaders are toasting you, you do not take the initiative to drink a"

"Alcohol allergy, that or drink less."

"Everyone is dry, you do not dry one person is good"

"You I still do not know, you can drink more ah."

Forced alcohol does not deserve to be called "table culture"

This is a perverted desire to conquer, is humiliating, and is kidnapped.

Disregard for the physical health of others.

It's a perverted desire to conquer, humiliate, to kidnap.

The essence is also bad.

Another story that happened to me.

Some time ago.

A female friend called me late at night.

I was not able to get a message from her after she gave me a series of addresses.

When I arrived, I

When I arrived, I found her vomiting on the side of the road in a mess.

The good thing is that an aunt from the convenience store next to her

She had been kindly watching her.

The next day, she woke up.

She told me that

Yesterday was a colleague's dinner.

Everyone's eyes were on her as a new colleague.

A group of people gave her a toast.

She said she couldn't drink that much.

She said she couldn't drink that much, but her colleagues poured it into her head.

Even though she had been working in sales since she graduated.

She had never seen such a battle.

After sobering up, she resigned directly.

There is a saying: the tree moved to live.

No job can be done for life.

But there is only one life.


Excessive alcohol consumption is irreversible damage to the body.

In 2018, The Lancet published a research study.

The results showed that of the more than 32 million people who die each year from various causes worldwide, 2.8 million do so because of drinking.

And China is the country with the highest number of deaths from drinking in the world.

Each year, 700,000 Chinese people, drink and drink their lives away.

"Drinking in moderation is good for your health".

The phrase is a hoax from start to finish.

The World Health Organization has long classified alcohol as a class 1 carcinogen.

Red wine is not good for the skin.

White wine doesn't fight cancer.

It is good that it does not make you sick.

How will it help you cure your disease?


This sip of wine.

Many people are not willing to drink.

Drink, can not guarantee a promotion.

But do not drink, the leadership's view, colleagues' popularity, how to do?

On the table to talk about business, off the table to play the drip.

Such a result no one wants.

Some citizens have summarized some tips for refusing to drink.

Share with everyone.

At the end of the year, I hope more or less can play some role.


Use the "objective" reasons.

1, alcohol allergy is the all-purpose sentence, but to be consistent, show that they never drink.

2, "to drive" is also the most acceptable reason, incidentally, said a little later can send friends home, both polite and do not let persuade people to lose face.

3, the cold took medicine, naturally, can not drink.

4, "Sorry, I'm taking Chinese medicine to regulate the body", already in the body, and then persuade people to drink what the heart.

5, married men and women can also say they are preparing for pregnancy.

The actual "curve to save the country" is not hard.

1, do not take the initiative, appropriate jokes to defuse, such as.

"The fact is that you will be able to get a good deal on your own.

"Such a good wine should be left to you know the taste, I can not drink anything."

He may not care whether you can drink or not, just want a face.

2, the wine table acts as a silly role, a blank face to see will not drink, especially in front of the elders.

If you really must drink, but also learn to protect yourself.

1, after the toast, do not immediately swallow, find the opportunity to wipe your mouth with a napkin, and spit wine in the napkin.

2, after seating first eat some fatty, starchy food cushion, drinking is not easy to get drunk.

3, master the rhythm, do not drink too hard at once; 4, do not mix several kinds of wine, especially easy to get drunk.

5、Every time you toast, pretend not to hold the wine cup, try to spill some so that each time you can drink in a lot less.

The most important thing, of course

The most important thing is to stay away from persuasive friends and try not to go to persuasive drinking bureaus.

The old saying goes.

Wine is poison.

Whether it is voluntary drinking or forced to drink.

Excessive drinking.

Can be cool for a while, but not for a while.

At the same time, the

Also, remind the "alcoholic" friends around you.

Drink a little less of it.


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