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The Gigolos Wife

by Katrina B. Lawson 11 days ago in love

Love Journey

They met in the middle of the night. His hair was long, black, straight, and his skin was pale with natural purple eyes. She had long dark hair pulled into a long braid, with tanned skin and a natural pink hue to her lips. They both admired each others appearance as they did not know each other well. Although they were eager to learn more about each other, they wanted each other desperately.

"Hello, I am Fredrico and I am a Gigolo." He said confident without blinking an eye.

"Really?" Trina said, with concern as she wanted to help him get out of the lifestyle he was in. He looked as though he hadn't eaten much and she just was laid off from her job as a chef. Trina owned her own home with land so she took him home for the night.

Daylight began Fredrico was sitting on the couch with his shirt removed only covering his lower half with his jeans. Trina was attracted to Fredrico and she didn't have to wonder if he felt the same, because she could feel his emotions exuding from him. She fixed him some breakfast and they sat and talk for a while when Fredrico asked Trina if she would be his wife, and she said yes without hesitating or thinking if that would be the right thing to do only knowing each other for one day.

There wedding day was beautiful. No one else was there but on lookers and the preacher who wedded them that day. Their wedding was by the ocean and they were happy.

One day Trina and Fredrico was running short on funds so she started a Icee stand with $200 her father had loaned her, but Fredrico knew that they needed more funds so he would leave Trina alone every night while she slept making money the one way he knew how... his body. Trina knew nothing of his ways but the thought never crossed her mind. All she knew was they never needed anything. Until one day they left their home to live in Paris France.

You see, Fredrico knew that he would make a lot of money in France because his professional is legal in Paris. Trina would be with Fredrico every day going out to dine and coming home for bedtime. They lived a lavish lifestyle. Trina never wanted for anything and Fredrico lived the life he always wanted. The life of a Gigolo. Even though Fredrico had a certain way of living he wanted to one day retire, so he started his own shoe company making tailored shoes. He also wanted to start a family and Trina soon became with child. Fredrico and Trina packed up their belongings and moved back to America where they purchased a large mansion and a lot of land and Trina gave birth to 23 sons born that day and they were still happy once again. Until one day Trina was in the garden and found old bomb shells buried beneath the soil. She continued to dig all of them up exempt one because she grew tired and went to bed. The next morning they were sitting in the den listening to the radio. The radio announcer said there will be a new law put into place where men will have to pay child support if the maiden files the paper work. The air grew stiff as Trina turned to look out of the window she saw her husband outside standing on the last landmine that she did not dig up. Her heart sunk as she tried to open her outh to yell get off of there but Fredrico's eyes met hers with reassurance that he was going to let the bomb explode while he was on it, and it did. Leaving Trina alone in the den with their 23 sons left behind as well. Although Trina loved her husband Fredrico she never questioned his actions when he met his demise. She only knew that she will forever love and miss her late husband Fredrico.

Katrina B. Lawson
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