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By Francis LPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
"J'ai deux amours", 1931 song interpreted in 1968

A few minutes ... that was more than enough to compose and interpret, for the fist time, that worldwide known song.

One of the shortest preparation followed by this major artist, rejected again, and again from her birth Land.

"Hello!"- Only a "hello" could have kept her in there. But it was not given. It was lost for long !

In front of brutality, hypocrisy, people might reveal their true talent - at the price to leave without command.

I take today the example of Freda Josephine McDonald - true name of Joséphine Baker - whose two main messages were to take a few risks into life, and secondly to love each other.

She was a key person during the "I have a Dream" speech delivered by Martin Luther King (Micheal King), 28 August 1963. She fought for Rights recognition during all her life.

She did soon for her original Country. As she understood it would be hard to fight in her town, she went to New York. As it was hard to fight into New York, she fled to Europe. There, she managed to build interesting things. Together ...

"Together" - clip managed by Sia (Sia Furler) and her team

She became a star on a banana misunderstanding - ending dance shows. She charted her brilliant course between enemies - serving one she estimated representative of Freedom, playing the others with music-papers and show places. Nevertheless, as THE Mediterranean idol (generating good business) she had to support one more strife.

Why ? October 16, 1951, the review leader sat at table into a nightclub, for eating. Says went she wasn't helped as she should. The next days, that incident became one big talk in America. A "Baker Day" was institute. And that event partly inspired the "I have a Dream" speech, a decade later.

She had many high and poor (even indigent) moments until her death in 1975. But as a person who have seen many State leaders during her career, there's something she lacked : to be a mother. A birth mother.

"Dans mon village" ("Into my town") (live, excerpt), deep inspirational & personal song of Joséphine Baker (Freda Josephine McDonald)

That's why, spending all her longings - and even more - she drew, assembled and clustered her blended family into the town she chose to live. She called her family a "Rainbow family", because it was composed with children from all over the world.

Her intention was to show everybody - and more specifically her original Country - that the differences into the appearance or the color of skin, are of no importance to share happiness. In a way she did it. And in a way she missed her goal.

She missed part of the sustainability she could give her twelve children. However, she was proud of one thing : One day, she get angry as some of her children broke a window. She was upset and scolded them for their ill manners. But she felt relieved as none of the brothers reported another.

She was a big celebrity at her time. Although, the only accomplishment she wanted was peace, friendship and love. Into her familiar place - she chose a somehow mysterious castle.

Complete version of the "Dans mon village" song

In one way, she is someone how inspired me. Not because of the fight over civil rights - many people did it - but of her simplicity, dedication to people, talents and love.

I won't be able to step as she did - neither on dancing, singing nor saying loving words - as so many artists do. All I promise is to try new kind of writing content to help the folks we are to create unexpected links, and to learn about ourselves. This surely will be imperfect - but if I don't start, would I reach to the goal ?

Real heroes are those whom don't know, don't understand they are. And my aim is to reveal some of y readers - you? - might be one of those uncountable heroes. Here on Vocal, or elsewhere through books, papers, walls, ... all thing WE could imagine.

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