The First Time We Met

by Freeman Dockery 8 months ago in lgbtq

The First Time I Met My Boyfriend

The First Time We Met

It was just like any other Friday night at my local watering whole. You know, showing up to the bar where you know all of your friends or distant friends will be. Without a doubt, we all show up to this bar almost every night even.

As I was doing my rounds of saying my hi's and bye’s to everyone, I ran into my friend Joe. Now joe has a special place in my heart. I won’t go into much detail to why other then knowing each other since high school, eight years later still hanging out, and I’m still drooling over him. So, naturally, when he calls me to his table to sit and hangout, I do.

I sat down with him at his table with some of his friends; some I knew, some I didn’t. One of the guys I met was Landon. Landon came off completely arts fartsy—just how I like em! So he definitely had my attention. We added each other on Instagram and continued talking. One of my friends came up to say hi, and Landon was like a dog when you’re teasing them with food. It was funny. So, naturally, I could tell before he even started asking me, he was into my friend Cici.

As my friend proceeds to leave, Landon’s roommate and Joe's friend Drew sat down next to me. We’re introduced, he stared at me, and I paid him no mind as I was busy staring at his two friends Landon and Joe. We all get a little distracted and Drew finally sparked up a conversation with me. The first thing this man said to me was, “Hey, you’re seriously the most beautiful man in the world!” Now to be honest, I hear this from horny straight men all the time at this establishment so I was kind of just like “thank you kindly” and brushed it off.

So I eventually get up to leave to go finish my rounds of my hi’s and bye’s, and I met up with some friends and we started to plan the after party. You know, the bar closes, but we don’t stop! So we figure that out and I decided to walk over to the store across the street from the bar to get some booze and cigarettes for the after party.

As I am leaving the store, this handsome man walks up to me, stops me, and says with a huge welcoming smile, “Hey, the most handsome man in the world!” Then it clicks this is Drew. I didn’t recognize him at first to be honest as I didn’t pay him any mind. I am still not sure if it was the alcohol or the lights from the store hitting his face, but whatever it was, I suddenly gained an interest.

We exchanged words and we both realized we were going to two different after parties, so it was that time where he had to run inside before the store stops selling alcohol and my Lyft was arriving. Naturally, we said our goodbyes.

It must have been a Monday or a Tuesday the very next week. Again, like I said, we all kind of live at this bar, seven days a week. I know we should definitely find something better to do. But it’s not like we’re always drinking. We go there to do homework, play card games, just unwind with like-minded people. It’s a beautiful community place.

Anyhow, I was sitting at a table alone and just finishing up some work when I hear from behind me, “The most beautiful man in the world.”

I look up smiling because I obviously knew who it was, and think it was so sweet for him to restate that again to me. Mostly because, although we had brief conversation and we were both highly, and I mean highly intoxicated the last encounter, he remembered me.

So he takes a seat and he proceeds to ask me if I would allow him to buy me a drink. Like I said, I was impressed and I didn’t go to the bar to meet up with anyone in particular, so I said yes. We walk inside instead of waiting for a server to order our drinks. Once we get our drinks, Drew turned to me and said, “Since I bought you a drink, do you have time to finish it with me?” To which, I said yes, of course.

So we take a seat inside the bar in more of a private area. We had a beautiful time and conversation, and exchanged numbers. We separated because we both had our own group of friends show up to the bar, but still, we were texting the entire time—even though we were at the same place.

Eventually the bar closed and I went to a after party while he went home. We still were texting the entire time. An hour of exchanging messages and me blushing in front of friends, he asked me to come over. All my friends say to do it, so I left and went over.

Once at Drew’s house, we talked for about another two hours before anyone of us made a move. We kissed, and yeah, we all know where my story goes from there. It came to the point and time of night where it was for the best if I went home, so I did. And we stayed up texting for another hour—if not more. We’ve, of course, planned to hangout more and more, which we did.

I haven’t let my wall that can hold a seven-nation army down in a long time. Drew made me feel beautiful, safe, and cared for. I would have never thought the guy who I'd been ignoring was the man of my dreams. In fact, I don’t think I have ever been so in love.

My advice to anyone: Don’t ignore anyone more than once, or at all. If someone makes a point to show you they care, listen to that and return it. Be open-minded and communicate. You never know what’s in store for you.

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