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The Deviant Mind, Crushes, and Love Lives of Guys: 30 Weird Facts

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to read a man's mind? You will be that much closer to realizing your dream if you read these 30 interesting facts about guys.

By berry liPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

Girls may need more than simply experience to comprehend a guy. You've come here looking for information on guys for that reason.

Even if you date a few guys, you won't be able to comprehend them much better.

You need to engage in stimulating, thought-provoking talks with a person and make an effort to comprehend his point of view in order to truly get to know him.

However, these facts about guys are all you need to know if you're pressed for time and want to learn everything there is to know about a guy and how he views you, love, and his life.

A deeper understanding of a man's thoughts

Guys and girls have similar ideas about many things when it comes to the other sex. But there are also a number of variances.

A good-looking guy with lots of charm and a terrific personality would win over any girl in the first discussion, especially girls.

But it's very different for a guy. Even if a guy likes a girl at first glance, there are a number of steps that lead to him taking his time before declaring his love for her.

30 facts about men to help you better understand them

Try to relate these insights about men to the guy in your life or the one you like.

And as long as you use these facts and advice to find ways to endear yourself to others, you'll unquestionably be able to impress the guy you adore and increase his desire for you.

emotional information about men and women

Let's begin with some emotional information about men. It's a common misconception that men lack any feeling, yet this is untrue. And here is why.

1. They become envious

When you flirt with another guy in his presence, your lover will feel easily threatened. But if you hold on to him in front of other males who are drawn to you, your lover will feel like he is on top of the world.

He would love you more if you make him feel fortunate to be with you given all the other guys who like you.

2. They experience emotions.

Men do desire to discuss their emotions. They don't necessarily dislike talking about it just because they don't start heart-to-heart chats on the subject.

He will undoubtedly open up to you if your questions don't make him feel intimidated.

3. They appreciate compliments

Men appreciate praises. But who among us doesn't? Hearing flattering remarks about oneself from others is usually gratifying.

They don't get compliments from their buddies very often, but when a female they like gives them one, they'll never forget it!

4.They experience love.

Even though they don't typically express it, guys love their girlfriends. Men don't always express their emotions openly. However, your lover might feel more at ease showing you that he loves you by his deeds than through words.

So, even if he doesn't express it, don't assume that he isn't feeling it. Keep an eye out for other signs of his devotion.

5. You should respect them

Respect is the most important want that men have for a girl in a relationship. Therefore, if you treat him poorly, he will hate you for it.

But a man will love you more if you treat him with respect. Instead, take charge of the relationship, and he will wither away into a shell.

6. His father means a lot to him.

For a guy, his father is his first role model, and unless he had a negative relationship with his father, his behavior is nearly always similar to that of his father.

So you ought to find out about his father and what he values most about him. Ask him how he believes he resembles him as well. Knowing his father will reveal a lot about him as well.

7. They might be defenseless

Heartbreaks affect boys much more than heartbreaks affect ladies since they are just as emotionally vulnerbale, if not more so! It's simple to believe that men's hearts are made of stone, but that is untrue.

Because they are worried about being wounded, they don't always enjoy talking about their feelings and opening up. However, that essentially means that they are vulnerable rather than that they are not.

sexual information about men

We can all agree that men enjoy having sex. But when it comes to guys in the sack, things aren't always as simple. So, let's look at some sex-related facts about men.

8. Attraction can be challenging

Only a girl's outward appearance can draw a guy in at first glance. But having a perfect 10 body isn't always the goal.

He might be drawn to a female because of her adorable grin, the way she flicks her hair, or even the way she looks at him from another room over.

9. A fantasy trio

Every guy wants to be wanted by plenty of girls at once. At some point in their lives, almost all guys have dreamt of being surrounded by a group of lovely women wearing little bikinis on a beach.

10. They enjoy adoring the body of women.

No matter what he's doing, every guy will glance at a girl's cleavage when she's not looking! However, you naturally already knew that, didn't you? But you now understand the actual reality.

11.They enjoy porn.

From an early age, boys are drawn to porn. Even if guys are in a committed relationship with a lovely girl for a long time, they will always be curious to learn everything there is to know about the female anatomy.

So, unless it develops into a powerless addiction, try not to despise him for it.

12.They enjoy lesbian action.

Guy-on-girl action is their favorite. It need not, however, be two lesbians. They also enjoy it when two straight chicks fight.

Additionally, the majority of men do not view their girlfriend kissing another girl as cheating. On the contrary, that can even turn them on!

13. They occasionally lack the mood.

Although men enjoy having sex, they are not necessarily prepared for it. You might find that surprising, but it's true. The same as you, they experience tension and fatigue.

Don't force him up against a wall and expect him to instantly become firm and prepared. He can lose an erection if you apply too much pressure.

14. They desire for you to sex

When they cause a girl to have an orgasm, guys feel strong. He will admire you more and feel more self-satisfied the better you orgasm.

He thinks he is the best lover in the world when you cum. He sincerely wants you to feel well, but he also enjoys receiving praise.

15. They want you to be a lady and naughty too

Guys adore a female who initially comes off as sweet and coy then transforms into a wildcat in bed.

After all, it makes natural that he would want you to act properly while you are out in public and around other people. But he expects you to be a wild lady when the bedroom door shuts.

16.The desire is for you to view porn

If their girl views porn, guys don't mind. In fact, if your partner walks in and sees you viewing porn, it can even turn him on.

He might even want to watch it with you so you can learn some new sex techniques.

17. They are simple to turn on

If a pretty girl "accidentally" brushes herself against him, that guy will undoubtedly get turned on and rigid in his pants. You can almost always bank on this because most guys are very sexual beings.

Ego facts about men that help you better grasp his thinking

We are all aware that there are "macho guys." And as a result, they also possess some egos. So, now you know some ego-related facts about guys.

18. They don't seek assistance

Guys detest asking for assistance and will refuse any assistance until they believe they cannot complete the task without it. They despise this because they believe they are masculine. They aspire to strength instead of weakness. And they believe that asking for assistance from others shows weakness.

19.They are aggressive 

Guys have a lot of rivalry. They enjoy engaging in competition with others, whether it is at business or in sports. Every time they must concede defeat in the area of sex, they may even experience performance anxiety.

20. They aspire to excel in every endeavor.

Guys dislike hearing that they aren't good at anything, especially if it is something that only guys do. Consider it being similar to being the "top dog" or "leader of the pack." They yearn to be that all-around talented individual.

21.They believe they are unstoppable.

Almost all men believe they are extremely powerful and strong. They detest going to the doctor, and occasionally, they even feel emasculated after an appointment.

facts about men and relationships

When it comes to relationships, guys can be difficult and perplexing. So, the facts about men and relationships are as follows.

22.They enjoy it when female players are elusive.

If the women they admire is persistent in getting her way, guys might be genuine romantics. So, when you don't chase them, they actually kind of like it. They desire to be pursued rather than being pursued.

Unaware of how it's done or overdoing it, many men and women make mistakes and then wonder why they turned the other person off.

23. They don't always fear committing.

Guys are pretty serious about their commitments. What can appear to you as commitment anxiety may actually be the guy carefully assessing his alternatives before jumping into a new relationship.

24. They are dishonest

When their psychological and emotional requirements aren't addressed by their girlfriend over a long period of time, guys nearly always end up wandering into another girl's arms.

25. They don't listen well.

Men only act as if they can't hear you when they appear to be working or having fun. They use it as a means of avoiding unpleasant tasks or conversations.

26. They use direct language.

When a women says one thing but means another, guys don't understand. Say it straight if you want your partner to grasp what you're saying.

27. They despise manipulation.

Men can be easily persuaded to do things, but all men detest being persuaded. Nobody enjoys being taken advantage of, right? Therefore, in this regard, men are similar to you.

28. They enjoy food.

The saying holds true. A man's gut is the gateway to his heart. He will fall in love with you before the supper is even finished if you learn to cook well.

29. His buddies stand by him.

Your boyfriend's friend will lie and cover up for your guy if you confront him and ask him if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Unless, of course, he has developed a strong affection for you.

30. They enjoy assisting females.

Guys prefer to lend a hand to attractive women in need. It brightens their day. After all, don't gentlemen enjoy saving the day?

And now that you are aware of these truths about men, use them in your interactions with the men in your life. This will make them like you more and possibly make them fall in love with you.

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