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The Day Begins with Love

Phases and Shorts

By Michael O'ConnorPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

And so the day begins. You wake up next to your new girlfriend, a quick cuddle, “Morning gorgeous,” then half roll, half fall out of bed. Your mind is still slipping peacefully out of the dreamland and preparing to face the reality that is life, oh sweet life. Your eyes haven't even slightly adjusted to that long, piercing streak of daylight that's penetrating your dry eyes through the crack in the curtains. You notice the thousands of tiny little dust particles shining in the air as they reflect the sun outside. Okay, crawling will work. You crawl over to the wooden, build it yourself stereo unit that your family helped put together. You find your grey tracksuit pants lying on the floor behind you, the pants that are torn and stained and still partially wet with Jack Daniels from the night before (and the night before that). Last night, shit, what did I do last night? You reach into the pockets with your tired, brittle fingers to find the brilliant, heavenly little bag of coffee alternatives that'll help to start the day out right.

“What are you doing?”

“Having some fun!”

Fun, it's always the one excuse that lingers in a foggy mind long after you've developed a habit, but when you're ignorant, self centred, and almost constantly intoxicated, it's a good excuse to get you by until the next person asks. But the trick you see, is that you have to say it with conviction, say it as if it should be obvious, say it as if there's only one solitary effect of what you're about to do, and that effect of course, is fun. I think that's the trick.

“Can you make me a coffee?”

“Yeah of course, just gimme a minute then I'll bring it in.”

“Thanks babe.”

She was always so pretty when she was first waking up. Lying there peacefully with her eyelids red, falling half way over those beautiful, big brown eyes. Her voice soft as she spoke to me, in a tone that implied she could lay there forever. There was a B side to this, but that's for another time. This was around the time of the start of our relationship, and man, it was unbeatable. There was no concern or judgement or fights or tears, there was only love, sex and fun.

I turned back to the unit, found my albeit valuable bank card, pulled out a half a pill and crushed it down into a fine, white, fluffy powder of joy and sent it straight up a nostril. That's more like it, now I'm ready to start the day.

“Let's go up the street and get a cup of coffee, maybe some breakfast.”

And off we walked. Her, freshly awoken, with her long, dark hair flowing over her body's natural curves, and semi-respectable outfit. And me, in those old, torn up trackies, wearing a shirt with Daffy Duck smoking a cigarette and his middle finger to the world - 'Duck Off', it said. My pupils dilated and my cares deteriorated, together, we walked. A happy couple, who would've thought.


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  • Test4 months ago

    Your writing is truly commendable, my dear. It's a masterpiece!

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