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The Cup of Unconditional Love

Still waiting for you

By Shelby Hagood Published 7 months ago 3 min read

“For most of my life, I’ve held a theory I call the trinity of want. It states that people are desired for three reasons: power, pleasure, or profit. If you provide three of those? Others serve you. Provide two, they see you. One, they use you.” -Painted Devils by Margaret Owen

Will you be there for me when I have nothing left to offer?

Will I then become invisible or just yet another?

Will you help me feel better when it is my time to feel bad?

Does emotional support come in droves?

The drink of love starts to run cold.

Don’t bother to warm it up again, just toss it and start again.

But this flavor is better than what is on the shelf.

This one was made special for you.

So keep coming to this same cup, no other flavor is enticing enough.

They will make new ones that look better, but it is all a facade.

Go to a new cup and you will se what was in the other.

Even when it is all gone and you can’t find anymore, a similar flavor just will not suffice.

You will think about the old one and why it went away.

Use my grounds as more precious than gold.

The bag it came from framed onto the wall.

The aroma it makes filling the rooms.

Even the label finer than all others in your eyes, even when the rest are louder.

The foam of the milk making you float like a cloud.

One that floats you right to me.

Soft and safe, happy and well.

The cup you drink from always waiting there for you.

The reason you wake.

You take your cup with you and curl up in the blankets.

You watch your favorite show, feeling cozy.

The same familiar show.

The one where you know all of the songs and stories.

You see me for who I really am and what I consist of.

Not just what all you can take.

The notes of me you take in.

The bitter, sweet, tart, and spicy.

Chocolate, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Coating each section of the tongue.

Savor me on cold nights by the fire.

The same brown as the leaves that fall.

A delicacy even on a hot day.

You still want the extra warmth filling your heart.

With a meal, snack, or in between.

Nothing is complete without the usual cup.

There with you for your dreams and failures.

You still want me there to hear it all.

Come dive into the ocean of me.

Floating in a coffee river of love.

Coffee rivers flowing forever with pastries abound.

You munch on your cheese danish surrounded by my essence.

You ask for me even after noon when no one else wants a coffee anymore.

You shall always love me and want me yet again.

My power overtaking you even when I feel I have none.

The pleasure always there when others are done.

The profit of enjoyment instead of monetary value.

You are there to make me feel as if I matter more than I believe.

For you to always come back to the same cup no matter how you feel.

Each moment and mood you share holding the warmth in your fingers.

Sipping away the pain with each taste.

You stir me around like a happy couple on the dance floor.

Keeping in time with the new song you show me.

I want to hear all you have to share.

What makes you happy and feel whole.

Waiting here to know every day.

Your cup awaits.


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Shelby Hagood

Warner Bros and Disney 💕

Cat lover 🐱

Love fancy chocolate 🍫

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