The Choice

by Sheena Ann 11 months ago in love

It's Yours

The Choice

Have you ever felt the need to run? The need to run and leave everything behind. All the cares in the world are gone. And all the past pains of life have gone away. And to turn around and get a brand new slate. Somewhere new to begin again. A brand new start for your life. Step away from what you have been raised to choose. Take the first step into something new.

Would anyone miss you? Would anyone care that you're gone? Would they search for you? Will they drive their self crazy because you're gone? Or would they still love you?

Have you ever felt the need to run to someone? Just because you felt safe in their arms. And those arms you were able to be yourself and you felt that you were unbreakable. Nothing in the world could take you away from that feeling. You felt so safe and serene in those arms. The person is always been there for you, for you to run to the only thing is when things get hard for them they feel the need to run away.

But would they give you the moon? Will they give you the stars? Will they want to give you the world? Will they give their life for yours as you would give your life for theirs? Would they love you forever and always? Like they said they would. They want to compare me to the moon and said "when we're apart look at it because I'll be looking and thinking of you." One night they also made the comment saying, "hey go look at the stars where we can look at the same stars together." That person wanted to give me the world.

But what happens when that person is gone? When he chooses to run, do you continue to run after him? Do you continue to fight for your love? Or do you let him run and wait for him to come back like he normally does?

The choice is yours. Your destiny is in your hands. It's the same as going left instead of right. Destiny is wrote out for us, but the thing of it is we each have a choice that we can make right or wrong. It's like choosing cheesecake over carrot cake. You love both of them. Both of them are going to be great, but one thing you crave the most and you choose it every time. And in the end it's not the end of the world cause both choices will be the best thing in your life. So the choice is yours write out your own destiny. Pray that the choice you make will be the best one. Or you could have a lifetime of what ifs and what could be.

You don't have to run. You can embrace all the possibilities. You can chose to be happy now with what is right in front of you. You said it would be so easy to pick me, so easy to have a happy life with me. So why do you feel the need to run? All you have to do is stay. Stay and work through it and quit running. I will always be here to catch you and run after you. But I miss that let you go to see if you will come back again. You noticed last time I let you go. You came back and missed me so.

But the choice is yours, step away from what you was taught. What keeps being whispered in your ear. What keeps being said in secret. Make that choice and take that chance.

How does it work?
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Sheena Ann

Someone who loved me told me to write what I feel I do I write about what has happened comes from the heart and he pushed me to where I am at. And for that Thank you 

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