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The Build

Relationships can take time to build and to develop into what they are. However, no one ever said it was easy. It takes patience, sacrifices and communication. It takes trust and hard work not only as a team but as an individual. A relationship is also a huge change compared to our single lifestyle, and it is also one of our greatest tests for ourselves.

So, you agree to be in a relationship, to build together and it is going amazing, at first. The first months of a relationship are basically the honeymoon stage. Everything is so good, almost feels too good to be true but you are so caught up in the moment and in the feelings of “love” that the things that would normally bug you, you hardly even realize. Then your first fight happens. Then maybe your second. All of the sudden you start to notice that the butterflies you felt in the beginning have died out.

You were both so perfect for each other than, after months later, everything seems different. That is because it is different than the beginning stages. We get comfortable with the ones we love because we learn to trust them. Trust them with our heart, our minds, our emotions and our bodies. However, it is that trust that helps us show our true colors. Maybe you notice she is more dramatic than you ever thought and maybe you noticed he has a lot of underlying anger issues, but it is these things that test us in our relationships. Can you handle it? Can you live with it? Can you get past it? They make us compromise with one another to become a better suited team, a stronger couple.

Relationships aren’t perfect and if they were, no one would be single. Arguments happen, frustration gets shown, but it is how you decide to handle things in those situations that reflect on your ability to work as a team with that individual. So, you try. You make the necessary self-compromises, communicate and try to come to a better understanding with one another. This is not always easy and does not always happen overnight. Sometimes it takes days or weeks but if it is a relationship you truly want, you must be patient with one another and help each other build. Sometimes, this is all it takes. For every argument, you discuss your feelings and work as a team to resolve the issues at hand.

Sometimes, it does not work out and you find you cannot compromise more than you already have and that is okay. It is important to realize that you cannot change someone else and if you could, it is not right to. The only one you can change is yourself. However, during these changes, do not lose yourself, your beliefs, or your morals. During this time, you may realize the relationship is no longer one you would like to be a part of. If that is the case, and the relationships comes to an end, it is important to take what you learned from the relationships in your past and try not to hold onto the bad moments, the painful memories or the things that made you upset. Instead, make note at what worked for you in that relationship, and what did not work for you. Be sure to remember some of the good moments you had together, every relationship has good memories at some point, we just get too focused on the negative sometimes. Throughout your life, always continue to learn and grow from your relationships and always try to be the best version of yourself.

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