The Blind Date


The Blind Date

She walked into the restaurant and looked around, expecting the worst. She still couldn’t understand why she had even agreed to this in the first place. This was the first time she was going on a blind date and she was convinced that it was completely unnecessary. At 25 years of age, there is a lot a lady would like to explore before getting hooked to a man.

Well, her friends had coerced her into this. They had promised to leave her alone if she did what they wanted and that was a deal she couldn’t ignore. All she needed to do was go on one boring date and her friends would stop trying to hook her up with any and every single guy in the city. From her dating experiences, she was convinced that this would be the most awful. If the ones she went on with her 20/20 vision were horrible, how much more one she goes on blindly...

A soft tap on her shoulder ended her train of thoughts. She turned around to see a very tall handsome man. He was probably the most handsome man she had ever seen all her life.

“Hi, are you Yemisi?” the man asked. She nodded, stunned by his looks. She refused to speak, as she couldn’t trust herself to say anything decent.

“I am Chuks, your date for the evening” he said stretching out his hand to her. She shook it and followed him to the table he had chosen for them.

He held out a chair for her to sit and she did. When she trusted herself to speak, she asked, “So, what made you decide to go on a blind date?” She asked.

“Well, your friend Judith’s husband is my best friend and well they convinced me that i wouldn’t regret this.” He responded, causing Yemisi to smile.

She was relieved when he didn’t ask her the same question. She didn’t want to admit that she was forced into going on the date.

To her utmost surprise, she had the most amazing time that evening. Chucks was a very good company to dine with. He spoke about the important things, unlike most of the dates she had been on. Most of the men she had dated had been very shallow. They either were only concerned about her looks, what she earned or her “place” as a woman.

Chuks on the other hand was different. He was concerned about who she was and who she wanted to be. He was neither condescending nor money hungry. He treated her like an equal… more like a royal equal. They chatted as though they had known each other for years, sharing their experiences and dreams. They discussed their past, present and future goals and Yemisi was impressed by the man.

It wasn’t until Chuks reminded her of how late it was, that she agreed to leave. She did not want the night to end, as she was afraid that it would end this wonderful dream she was in. He saw her off to where her car was parked and they shared a hug before he walked up to his car and they drove in different directions.

All the way back to the house, she couldn’t stop thinking of the smart, handsome man she had just had dinner with. It wasn’t until she got home that she recalled that her friends had organized a sleepover at her house, and they knew where she hid her house key. Three cars were parked in front of her one bedroom apartment and she knew that her three friends were in her house waiting for her to return to tell the story of the supposedly ‘awful’ blind date that she predicted would be the most unbearable time of her life. She couldn’t lie to her girls and she was too embarrassed to tell them that she had the best time of her life. She considered staying in a hotel for the night to avoid the mockery and teasing or at least postpone her misery.

Her phone rang, cutting short her train of thoughts. It was Chuks. He asked if she had gotten home and told her how much he enjoyed the date. In the midst of the conversation she told him how she had despised blind dates and what she had told her friends prior to the date. He laughed and told her a strategic way to handle a situation like that. She was amazed at how he intelligently analyzed and solved the situation. At the end of the conversation he told her that he looked forward to the next date.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop smiling. She knew that she had gotten a good man out of her friend's crazy idea.

The only problem was... Who was going to tell them this?

‘Certainly not me,’ Yemisi thought as she walked into her home to the welcoming grins of her three friends. She walked past them with a straight and almost sour look, a complete opposite of what she truly felt.

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