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The blatant signs of an overly attached boyfriend

by berry li 2 months ago in dating
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So that you can determine whether you have an overly attached lover on your hands, let's look at the causes of a guy becoming overly connected to a women.

We’ve all dated someone who texts you 24/7. They show up “randomly” where you are, and seem to be breathing down your neck at every turn. Some girls think this is super cute, at first, but then come to realize the irritation that shortly follows. Here is how to deal with your overly attached boyfriend.

Some guys think this is what girls like. Some even think they’re earning bonus points by always being RIGHT there.

The truth is, it’s not a desirable trait in a guy at all. We’d prefer that you didn’t do this. Sincerely, all girls.

What makes a guy get overly attached to a girl?

This answer could go on for days and days. Realistically, there are TONS of different reasons a boyfriend could be so attached to you, so we’ll only have time to cover a few here.

Each guy is different and all of them have been raised to think girls like a certain type of behavior, even if it’s wrong.

But here are some common reasons a guy gets overly attached to a girl.

1. Constantly calling and messaging you

He must stay in touch with you at all times. He is the one that texts you first thing in the morning and last thing at night to say "good night." anything in between as well. You believe that there is little you can do without him detonating your phone.

2. Panicking when he doesn’t hear from you

If he doesn’t hear back from you right away, he starts panicking. He thinks you might have been in a car accident or hanging out with another guy.

Either way, he gets very anxious when you take your sweet ol’ time responding to him.

3. Monitoring your online profiles

No guys should be attempting to flirt with you on social media, he wants to make sure of that. So he comments on anything you post to let you know that he is "watching" you. He wants you to know that every guy who approaches you is seen by him.

4. Feeling threatened by men

He feels frightened by any other single guy in your life in addition to being afraid that other guys will accidentally enter your social media DMs.

He doesn't seem to like any of them, whether your best friend or a coworker.

5. Shows you off on social media too much

He’s constantly posting pictures of you and him together. The reason he does that is that he wants the world to know that you’re his. It’s kind of his way of “marking his territory.”

He’s doing this because he hopes it will intimidate other guys and keep them away from you.

6. Doesn’t like when you go out without him

Sure, you probably have a lot of friends, but he doesn’t like when you do things with them – without him.

Even when you do go out with your friends, he might invite himself along to whatever you are doing. He might even be doing this because he doesn’t have many friends.

7. Needs constant reassurance

Because he feels insecure, he seems to need constant reassurance. He might ask you, “Do you really love me?” or “You won’t ever leave me, will you?”

He asks these questions because he is afraid of losing you. That’s why he is overly attached.

8. Physically clingy

Not only is he emotionally clingy to you, but he is also physically too. He always has to be spooning with you, holding your hand, and putting his arm around you.

You might even feel like you need your physical space sometimes so that you can breathe. But he doesn’t want to let you go – ever.


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