The Beginning: One Young Love Story

by Mak Couture about a year ago in love

Instantaneous. Gravitational. Love.

The Beginning: One Young Love Story

The first time we met was at a party, his face on the bathroom floor next to the toilet. I had seen him through the halls at school and heard his name float from girls' mouths. He was cute; a hockey player with a foreign swagger and long dark hair. Natively Finnish, his accent made us swoon. I had just made the 45 minute drive from work to go to this party, excited and knowing he was going to be there.

I first saw him upstairs laying by the toilet, the black and white tiles imprinted onto his face. Something happened when our eyes connected and I felt this gravitational pull towards him. Everything inside of me wanted to care for him, tend to him, be near him. I was so completely mesmerized by this boy. I quickly introduced myself (blushing) and made a bee-line for the door, curious and surprised by this new feeling. It was completely overwhelming and if I was to describe it, I would say love at first sight.

I joined some friends downstairs and drank. We laughed and sang and had a great time gawking at the boys. As the party wound down and people found beds to sleep in, I walked down to the basement and saw that he was there, standing by a cement wall. I nervously walk up to him and ask him how he's feeling. "I feel so embarrassed that you saw me that way." I was thoroughly taken aback. I didn't think he had noticed me. In fact, he did. He more than noticed me. He had also only gone to this party knowing that I was going to be there. My heart pounded.

We talked some more and he said, "I haven't felt human contact in months. It's been different being away from home." Next thing I know we are standing in the middle of the basement, people sleeping around us, hugging. His arms wrapped fully around me and I nuzzled into the spot between his collar bone and chin. Our breath slowed and settled into a humming rhythm. Minutes later we released from the embrace and decided to try and find a spot to sleep, settling on a tiny couch that truly could only fit one person.

My heart was beating out of my chest as we laid down. I was terrified that he was going to hear it and say something. We had only known each other for a brief time, but as we laid down facing each other, we hugged again, mimicking the hug in the basement.

Two complete strangers, with hearts beating a hundred miles per hour, settling into a sleeping embrace. Legs intertwined and hands tracing each other as if we had known one another before and were finally reconnected. We didn't kiss that night, but simply held each other tightly until the morning came. We passed words of endearment and talked about the differences of our countries. I had never felt this way towards anyone before. Over the course of the night, our worlds intertwined and our hearts collided. We talked about how strange it was to feel so certain about someone so quickly and to feel as if we had been destined to be together. That party brought us together finally after stolen glances in school and calculated likes on Instagram.

There began an epic love story. One filled with love and passion so deep it changed us forever. Our hearts and lives intertwined into one beautiful love story forgetting the pressure of time and fully enjoying loving each other. Though we came from opposite sides of the world with incredibly different cultures, home is what we felt when we were together.

Mak Couture
Mak Couture
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