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by Will Helgren/Ochal 2 months ago in fact or fiction
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Mental Exercise for an Atheist

"Heavy Handed Metaphors"

Let there be light. Let there be belief. Let us say that there are higher beings.

Now, this is coming from a self-declared atheist who believes that there is no god and there are no higher beings. This is coming from someone that believes that there is nothing that exists after we die.

However, I remain open to the idea of all religions. I believe that there is no afterlife but I hold the idea that I could be wrong. I fully understand that some people would categorize that as agnostic as opposed to atheist. However, this is how I see and define it; I do not know what comes after life in our galaxy or universe but I think and believe, for my own piece of mind, that there is nothing. But, I still recognize the fact that I could be completely dead wrong. I accept the fact that maybe there is a giant, white, bearded guy sitting up in the sky looking down on us. But I don't believe or have faith in that at all.

I think there is nothing because it allows my brain to explore and grow without a definite answer. This is because when you give someone (or at least me) a definite answer on what happens next you allow them to give up looking for the next thing or discovering a new way to imagine something. It is common for people to feel content where they are if they know that there is an end, or at least a plan.

I don't like this at all because, to me, it is very disconcerting. This scares me because that means that there is a lot of people who aren't looking for the answer of what really is out there because they are just believing what they are told. Maybe they are right but I am not content to sit around and wait to be told that I could be wrong. I want to be proven wrong.

Anyway, back to the higher beings that are looking down on us either happy with us or completely distraught with our outcomes. Either way, let's hypothesize that they are lounging up above us.

So, rather than being scared of infinity and death, these are some of the questions that do keep me up at night.

Do you think gods live?

Now, I don't mean being alive, because I already said in this hypothetical that they are alive. I mean, do you think that the gods understand life and are living?

Do you think gods live and die?

Do they have an end?

Or do they live forever like the universe?

Do you think gods are human-like? Or better?

Do you think they have improvements on us as beings?

Do you think they like to laugh?

Do you think they like to emote?

Do you think they lie?

Do they cheat?

Do they deviate from their own plans of action and life?

Do you think they live like humans?

Do you think they go to sleep?

Do you think they make their beds?

Do you think they lay down their heads on their pillows?

Do you think they close their eyes and drift off to a new world?

Do you think gods dream?

Do you think gods dream about what they can do with their life?

Do you think gods have aspirations?

Do you think gods dream like us?

Do you think gods have a world they inhabit?

Do you think gods work, live, and die in their world?

Do you think gods are existentialists?

Do you think gods wonder?

Do you think gods believe?

Do you think gods believe in gods?

Do you think gods have a higher being that they worship?

Do you think gods see as small beings?

Do you think gods care for us?

Do you think gods don't really care for us?

Do you think gods see us like we see ants?

Do you think we are alone?

Do you think gods are us?


Do you think we are gods?

fact or fiction

About the author

Will Helgren/Ochal

I am an independant poet, artist, and musician who enjoys making things regardless of if people find my stuff but I love it when people do :)

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