The 5 Things That Dead People Want to Share With You

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Things They Couldn't Say Before They Left

The 5 Things That Dead People Want to Share With You

The other day, I looked online and had seen a book that someone had written that wanted to reveal ‘what dead people’ wanted to tell us. It caught my curiosity, so I decided to click on the preview of the book to review a little bit of the content. I will be honest with you. I wasn’t completely impressed by what was written so I wanted to share with you what I know based on my own personal experiences and in my perspective. So, in my perspective.

Here are the top five things that dead people would like to share with us:

#1. They want you to know they are not really dead.

They really aren’t. They have just passed from one existence to the other. Yes, their earthly physical bodies still remain here, but their souls have moved on to the next existence whatever that existence might be. They may be absent from their earthly body, but they are now spiritually present. They are very much alive and will remain that way indefinitely. Have you ever been told by a loved one who's passed that 'they are more alive than you are?' My husband and I have. I wrote about it in a book I published in 2013 called, 'My Heavenly Encounter with Mom.'

#2. They want you to know that they are not in pain anymore.

I know it can be hard to comprehend at first once your loved one has passed especially if they’ve been killed in an accident, murdered, drowned or died from a horrible disease. We still think in our minds sometimes that they are still in that same state as they were once were when they had left their earthly bodies. But thank goodness that is not the case. They want to let you know that they are not in pain anymore! How can I verify this? Because in the Word of God in Revelation 21:4 in the King James version it says, ‘And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.’(KJV) So whenever you think about them as you go through life, rejoice! They aren’t in any more pain, nor is there any sorrow or crying. They will never experience death again.

#3. They want you to know they are sorry if they ever hurt you.

You may have experienced or someone you know may have experienced having a loved one pass before things were reconciled between them and their loved one. Maybe there was an argument or a disagreement or maybe there’s been years of hurt over something that they have said or done that has never been resolved.

You need to realize today that your loved one is very sorry that they have hurt you and had made you feel angry or sad inside. They came into the realization of this once they left this Earth. There is no more aught between yourself and that individual. It’s totally gone. It’s no longer there.

I remember listening to a testimony from someone that had a heavenly encounter in the past and was able to come back and tell an individual that they had seen that person’s mother and was told by the mother to tell that individual, “Tell my son not to worry any longer. Everything is alright between him and I and tell him that I love him very much.” This literally set this person free! Free from pain, suffering, hurt and guilt here on Earth. He was able to go on living victorious in life without having to wonder how to resolve any past feuding or hurts with his mother. There was nothing else he had to do but accept his mother’s love and forgiveness and set that pain and suffering totally free.

#4. They want you to know they also celebrate your good news too.

Your loved ones want to share with you that they also celebrate with you whenever you have good news to share with others here on Earth. Whether it be the announcement of a wedding day, a new baby to be born or delivered after nine months, graduation day, 90th birthday, etc. Do I believe that they know every jot and tittle when it comes to your life good or bad? I’m unsure and I will admit that. But I can verify that when the Lord allows, they are made aware of what’s going on at that moment.

An experience I have heard about was about a young man who had lost his father in a car accident a year before. It was just a couple weeks before Christmas and at that time, the young man’s mother was still grieving over the terrible incident. One night, the young man’s deceased father appeared to him and gave his son a special message to deliver to his wife wishing her a Merry Christmas, that he loved her and to let her know that he was okay. The young man wrote down every word in his physical body after the message was revealed as instructed and handed his mother the letter. When she opened it, of course, she burst into tears but it was tears of relief and joy. She said she knew in her heart it had came from her husband because her son would have never known the one thing that was revealed in that letter that was never spoken of.

#5. They want you to know that they are very busy wherever they are at.

The old cartoons that I’ve watched as a kid in the seventies and eighties had it all wrong. After your loved one passes, they are not going to forever sit on a rain cloud stroking a harp or polish their halo. They are going to be busy. Doing what? Well, lots of stuff!

Your loved ones that have passed want you to know that they are very busy in Heaven. They are constantly celebrating, preparing for celebrations, worshipping the Lord without any distractions, serving one another without fatigue, enjoying each other’s company, exploring the wonders of God’s creation and so much more! Can you just imagine that you will even have some time to meet and greet the characters of the Bible? How awesome is that?!

Kathy Lester
Kathy Lester
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