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That Name

Times when I heard your name

By Rose BacudPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

I have heard it at age nine, year by year a new being it came with.

A boy with a crush, a nephew, friend's brother, classmate, schoolmate and more

I guess I grew up with you, with many faces in many forms. Striking colours with stories that didn't make sense.

What you have for me, what is in store for me, what you want from me

The boy with a crush got mad at me for choosing the wrong man to love, I guess his crush has turned into more, or at least that's what I thought. He was always there, trying to tell me - this one you chose is no good. Stop the nonsense, later he moved on. All was well, at least we hope.

The nephew was lost, they wanted him to have a better life but did not go well in the end. I took care of him on his visits towards a the promise of tomorrow, I saw his sorrow, he then struggled to prove that he will have success regardless. You are greatness, with or without promises.

Schoolmate, there are many. Came a very creative kid, spent his schoolwork time drawing characters and showed them to me. Astonished I am for I too loves drawings of magnificense, stories of a different person playing in the mind of the young. But felt bad when school did not approve to his preferences that corrupted his focus. I never saw you again after that, I felt sorry and so study I had before they do same thing to me.

Friend's brother made it to another land, got lost in the new land and lost his sister in return - my friend left with him while he was in a foreign land that drowned him. He went home to see her last days. He then moved on, still living in the land, still lost in its glitters.

The classmate grew up without a dad, haven't able to tolerate him in his ways but a strong mom he has, who gave him the way to glorious life as she was in a great position to bring him where she wants to be. Who knows where that may be.

Another classmate has my dream life, living his life to the fullest - even with crooked ways he found his way out, I guess when family is strong nothing can stop your path, the way upwards in life. Whatever comes his way, the family remained - stood for him with great support. I called it a shield of protection for their son to stand strong in life with what he dreamed to be on.

Many more I have met, of the same name. Famous, lusky and the not so good ones. What is in that name? So I string things together, a bit of each face and character it came with and the other. He has that, that struck this and led to that. That little bit of his that you came with and that.

In my life I have met your name numerous of a time, bits of this and that. Famous name it is after all, I may say.

And so I conclude that You can't be of No Name or just a name. For with that name you came with bits of this, a glorious mess, that stuck a story and that it came with this and out came that.

The name with many faces, that name I met in many places on many phases. And what now? For I met yet another you with that same name, yet again. It's not you wanting something from me, it's life telling me, there is something in that name to be thankful for. The many stories that came with That name.

That name with many faces, in many places, of many phases.


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