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Thanksgiving life! Be grateful to all those who love you

by Marina Marinaka about a month ago in friendship
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Thanksgiving life! Be grateful to all those who love you

The fate of life comes from reality and also exists in the network. It is known that some people who have marital ownership and real emotional ownership occasionally encounter love on the network under the lack of dull or unhappy emotion in life. The entanglement between real marital emotion and dreamy network love makes people painful on the edge and hard to love. Being impacted by the pressure of thoughts, I hide in the dark and don't know what to do. Fall in love with people who should not love and dare not love, but fall in love! Why bother to stir up dust when you are empty? There was nothing.

However, I can't escape from the manipulation of real feelings and virtual love, and the indefinite care and missing are like the derailment of the train! Worried about the end of nothingness, in the end is a love, a dream, eventually empty, scarred! Like the fig withering, like a flash in the pan, the shadow becomes a wound, and the heart is broken. Does it hurt? Pain, lonely to the bone! Who can blame?

In fact, there are a lot of helplessness in life, but you didn't understand at the beginning. Life originally had a lot of pursuit and burden, but in this life, you meet each other on a stranger's road, have deep feelings, know each other and cherish each other. It's too late to meet each other! Fascinated, but falling in love with new love and forgetting old love is bad. How can one's love be divided into two parts? Many people feel that life after marriage is no better than love before marriage. A plain life is difficult to swing passion, and even numb to live for life, which violates the original foundation and significance of marriage. However, first, for the witness of their love, second, for having children, third, for property, and fourth, it has become a grave marriage. grief? In fact, as long as you love someone with your heart. What can earth shaking do? What about ordinary and plain?

The original plain light is true. We can help each other, live and die together, and spend the sunset red with white heads! Know how to cherish life, know how to cherish marriage, know how family affection is priceless, know how to live in harmony, know how to trust and understand each other, know how to respect love, know how to put responsibility first, and know how to hold hands to accompany you to grow old all your life! This may be the true meaning of the journey of marriage and love! When the sun rises, the ship will return to the harbor! Happiness, comfort and eternity.

This is not a saint of love. It can be considered that managing love and marriage is a subject and art. Love needs care and cultivation. In the world of two people, the interpretation of love lies in the fact that marriage is not old.

In the worldly world of mortals, promising network love, Xinyu no dust is the most carefree. The network love of inaction is born from the heart and will harm itself. Born of passion and died of spitting, in the end, the burden and complexity of the state of mind are blank. In the end, it's either life and death or sorrow is no greater than heart death. Why let the darkness swallow up this invisible love? The feeling of old affairs, deep Acacia, meeting without knowing you is incomplete love. Just as bacteria will die when they see the sun, they linger for half their lives. They are obsessed for a while and worry about everything. At the end of the first song, people have dispersed, but people's hearts are changeable; The former love is beautiful, and the latter love is like flowers. Finally, it leaves the war and turns into an old scene. It falls into the spring mud with the wind, but it is ruthless and red. What's the next life? It's just a beautiful lie on the edge of the former dust net!

Some love water can't be drunk, some bitter fruits can't be eaten, don't look back, regret too little, regret too late. In fact, no matter how deep the memory is, it will be forgotten one day! If you walk away calmly, you will feel the sea and the sky. Family friendship, husband and wife love, love is more important! Remember to leave a quiet mood! Leave a place for conscience. At the other end of the reality, there is a person who really loves you waiting for you! Perhaps, if there is nothing in mind, it is a good time! Life is tired. Why suffer again? How can a person's love be divided into two parts?

For the so-called people who are unable to control their emotions by cheating and looking for passion through the Internet, recognition is: the Internet is another communication platform in life.

Love: it is a kind of emotional encounter and chance. Network love: it is a kind of passion revealed by communication on the platform. They know and cherish each other, and love each other as if they were inseparable. It is a complementary lack of emotion!

The self-awareness of network love is: Love: it is a kind of friendship, network love: it is a kind of friendship through communication on the platform, and it is a kind of fate for each other to live in normal communication, chat and chat!

Benevolent people see benevolence, wise people see wisdom. If you escape from the essence of marriage, online love will deteriorate and become blank and powerless. It's not true. Nothing, marriage is the real emotional life, with the most real life, that is the real source of life, that is the harbor and destination of love, that is the law of marriage without weightlessness!

In the virtual world, the lingering affection, without the feelings tempered by human fireworks and life pressure, is absolutely not solid. It is fiction and fantasy.

I would like to use this crude article to warn people who are lost in love. If they are affected by a Trojan virus, please format it immediately! Rein in at the precipice and turn around! Marriage and love are still your favorites. Escape from entanglement, the heart is like a mirror, free from dust, and find your true self! Life will still be flat, steady and solid, waving to you. Thanksgiving life! Thank all those who love you!


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