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Sweets of the Sea

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By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Sweets of the Sea
Photo by Daria Gordova on Unsplash

Hands braced against the railing of my back deck, I watch the boats move across the ocean, some on the early morning horizon, others at the docks, the summer air whipping my hair around.

I take a deep breath, the scent making me smile.

I've lived on the coast all me life. Every time I've tried moving, the sea always calls me back. Just can't stay away. As if she controls me.

But I have to work.

I walk inside, the dock activity dying down. I quickly dress, locking the door behind me as I mount my bike and ride to work.

I chain my bike out front, stepping in the candy shop, Sweets of the Sea. I don't own the biggest tourist attraction in this small town, but I love creating sweets.

Flipping the sign to open, it takes no time for customers to fill the front of the shop, many of which are children.

I hand a few kids free samples of treats they haven't tried before. I love kids. They're our future and deserved to have the best treatment possible.

I restock and make new candy throughout the day, occasionally hearing the boats blare their horns in the distance.

I continue kneading the elastic sugar strands when the door opens again. "Hello, Mila."

I lift my head, "Hello, Mr. Jones."

"I've told you to call me Frank."

I've been working at the candy shop for a few years now, but I still can't make myself call him by his first name.

I smile at him. "I know."

"So how is my store today."

"Busy as usual." I finish making small strawberry lollipops, letting them cool. "It is July."

"Have any plans for later?"

"Hang out with some friends on the beach." It was our favorite pastime. "Maybe hit the waves."

Mr. Jones nods. "Yeah I probably clean up after my messy employee."

I mock offense, "I am not messy, thank you very much."

He laughs, walking out the door, "I'll see you later, Mila."

I shake my head, smirking quietly.

It all started with me scanning the taffy section one day when Mr. Jones strode up to me, asking if I wanted a job. It didn't take me long to reply with a yes.

The rest of my day goes smoothly and I close the shop, sneaking some leftover candy for my friends into my bag.

Unchaining my bike, I quickly pedal home to change. Despite the fact it's July, wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts around boiling sugar asks for trouble.

The sea air blows softly, another round of boats moving in and out of the docks. Where do they go?

I quickly put on a blue tank top and jean shorts, my phone buzzing with our group chat. I smirk, replying that I will be at our cove soon.

As soon as I arrive, seven people dart towards me, probably spotting my candy bag. Sweets are their weakness.

"Hey, guys."

Brad gave me a side hug, "Hi, candy girl."

I sit next to my best friend, Jenni. "Wanna lollipop?"

"Yes please."

I hand out everybody's favorites. "I spoil you too much."

Leah shakes her head, "No, just enough."

We laugh as the guys start the fire, us girls eating candy as watch.

The fire quickly comes to life and we gather around, the heat licking my legs.

"You should start your own shop," Jake tugged on some gummy worms.

I shrug, burying my feet in the soft sand.

"He's right, Mila," Jenni faces me, "You make most of the candy anymore, and it's your passion."

I tapped my chin. "True."

"Yeah you should go for it." Brad poked the fire.

The others agree and I can't hold back my grin as we continue to chat about various things. I can always count on them to support me and have my back.

The next day, I open the shop door, only to find Mr. Jones already behind the counter.

"Good morning."

He smiles at me. "I have some news for you."


"As you know, I'm getting older and while I love making candy, it's becoming more difficult for me." He flexes his hands. "And since you love this shop, I thought who better to take my place than you."

I stare at him. Is this really happening? Sure, I've dreamt of it, but never let my hope raise.


"Are you serious?"


I cover my mouth with my hands, "Oh my God, I would honored." My eyes sting, "Thank you so much."

"Well there will a transitional period, but I couldn't think of anyone else."

I give him a hug, messaging the group chat before starting my work, my phone blowing up with congrats.

It takes a few months as I learn the business side before I claim full ownership of Sweets of the Sea, my friends lingering around daily to help.

I've never been happier in my life.


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