Sugar Baby/Daddy Myths

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Sugar Baby/Daddy Myths

There are so many misconceptions about sugar. A lot of them are based on what people see on TV. Other myths are spread by people who think they know stuff, but they don't.

People think it's easy or all glamorous to be a sugar baby. It's hard to even find a legit sugar daddy. It's a little easier of a life after you find a sugar daddy. Yes you will still have worries and issues, but it will be easier. It also gets lonely sometimes.

The biggest myth is that sugar babies are escorts or prostitutes. Sugar babies don't sleep with men for money. Sex can be involved, but it's not what they are getting paid for. We get paid for our time.

Also sugaring is not a loophole to be able to be an escort legally. This lifestyle is for people who want to legally make extra cash in an out of the box way.

The sugaring lifestyle isn't an industry. One YouTuber keeps calling it an industry. It's just a lifestyle that some people treat like a job.

Some people think all daddies are married, and that they're paying someone to help them cheat. There are married daddies, but the wife should always know. If the wife knows the sugar baby isn't the other woman. Also not all sugar daddies are married; there are single daddies.

Some people think sugar babies don't work. A lot of sugar babies do work, or go to school. They do this lifestyle to get the nicer things in life, or get some help. Babies are able to make money on their own. They also know about real work and business.

Not all sugar babies are young, and not all sugar daddies are 60. Some sugar babies are 30+ and a lot of sugar daddies are 40+. Also Some people think daddies are ugly losers, but some are very attractive guys who don't have time for a normal relationship. It's not one type of person that does this lifestyle, it takes all kinds. Not all sugar babies are skinny, although most of them are.

Not all sugar babies have sugar daddies, some have a sugar mama. Sugar mamas are rare, but they do exist. It's the same thing as not all babies are girls, there are male or gender fluid sugar babies.

Some sugar babies have daddy or parent issues, but not all of them do. Sugar is more about a certain way of life, and not working through parental issues.

There is some debate on the realness of the relationships. Yes 90 percent of these relationships don't end in marriage, but that doesn't make it less real. There are some babies who can call on their daddies for anything, and others who can't. Some keep emotions out of it, and some don't.

Some people think sugar babies are all dumb or uneducated. A lot of sugar babies are college students or college graduates. Some babies can even be intelligent without going to or finishing college.

One new myth, at least to me, is that no one will want to marry a sugar baby after they get done being a sugar baby. Honestly not everyone wants to get married. Also not everyone makes it public knowledge that they are a sugar baby.

Some sugar babies may regret being a sugar baby, but the majority won't. It's a part of the babies loves that helped them get to where they are going.

Some people think sugar babies are being used by daddies. I'm reality I think the beauty of sugar is that it's mutually beneficial, meaning everyone is getting something out of it. Daddies could be womanizers, but not all of them though.

I've heard that sugar daddies aren't real men but that couldn't be further from the truth. So the sugar lifestyle is based on the idea of a man (a sugar daddy) taking care of a woman and giving her gifts. Real men want to provide for the woman they're with and that is what a sugar daddy does. So therefore a daddy is a real man. Sugar daddies should be mature men who work hard and real men are mature that work hard.

Some people think sugar babies and sugar daddies aren't looking for love. They may not be using sugar for love but lots of sugar babies and daddies would probably be open to love of it came along. I think people think that just because money is involved love can't be involved but it can.

Are you a sugar baby, mama or daddy, and heard any myths? Look at my profile for my email address, and tell me about it. Also tell me your stories. If I get your permission to tell your story I can change your name of needed.

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