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by rose m lewis about a year ago in humor



When my husband stated he wanted to go fishing at Bird Creek I was very optimistic! I told him it was very dangerous to fish there and I did not really want to! He explained that it would be fine but we have to fish at low tide. I said to him people die there they go out to the inlet at low tide and get stuck in the mud, the Bore tide comes in and they die! He said the fishing is great and he will get a tide book so we know when to leave. I thought about it and said I guess we can go if we know when to leave! He told me that I was brave and that he would not let anything happen to me! I told him that we have to get the fishing gear all ready to go. So we gathered everything we needed to go to Bird Creek, and put it in the car. Then we went to the store to get a tide book and bought other items that we needed. When we arrived home we put the items away. We also bought some fishing stuff and I put them in the car. After the trip to the store, I was tired so I sat down and had a cup of coffee. I made sure we had everything we needed by making a list so I can take inventory and mark them off. As I did that we forgot an item and I went to retrieve it. In the meantime, my husband was busy with the fishing hooks, he made sure we had everything.

The next day we were all ready to drive to Bird Creek. We sat in the car and we buckled up for the long drive there. It was two hours drive from our home in Wasilla Alaska! My husband drove past Wasilla and to the high way. The day was nice and sunny, I looked at the mountains they were shinning so bright. They were beautiful with the birch trees in full bloom and also I saw the Moose! A Mother and Calf grazing on the grass when we drove past the Flats! My husband was driving within the speed limit and he did not see the Moose. Finally, we were driving past Anchorage and onto the Seward Highway. We would be at Bird Creek in no time at all! I was looking to see if there were Dall Sheep on the side of the road. I also was looking to see if there were Whales in the inlet. Suddenly I saw one in the sea, I could see the animal spitting out water. Then my husband said we would be at Bird Creek in a half hour. The time went by quickly and we were pulling into the parking space. We unbuckled the seat belts and got out of the car. We put on the fishing boots and retrieved all the fishing gear. The walk to Bird Creek was a short one but we had to be careful where we stepped! The mud was atrocious, but we were careful and did not have any incident! We arrived at the edge of the water and we put the hooks on the line to fish.

We then made a long cast into the water. I had some bites but nothing on the fishing line! Suddenly I heard my husband yell FISH ON, I looked and saw the fish jump out of the water! That was amazing to see, my husband fought the fish for a little while and brought it in. I got the net and netted the salmon it was a nice fish. We were allowed three salmon each and I was hoping we would catch the limit. I again made a long cast and started to reel the line in, then all of a sudden I had one on the line. I yanked the line back and I was hoping the fish was caught in the mouth. I reeled the fish in and sure enough, the fish was legal. My husband netted the fish and put it on a rope there were two fish on it. We had to get four more salmon to get to our limit. so we fished and had fun doing it. I love fishing it is a lot of fun having a fish on your line. We caught the limit and my husband came to me and said the tide will come in soon. I reeled in the line and called it the end of fishing for the day. We had to leave and walk back to the car! My husband did the same and came over to me, telling me to get ready to go. I did but there was one problem, I could not move!

My husband looked at me and yelled to me lets go! I said I can not go I am stuck in the mud! I started to cry and he came to me and put his arm around me. He told me to stop crying he will get me out of the situation. I said to him how, he told me to wiggle my feet and try to get them out of the boots. I did just that but it did not work and I started to cry again! I told him I am going to die and there is nothing he can do. I told him to save him self and to go to the car without me! Well, he said NO I am going to get you out of this! I said to him how are you going to get me free? He told me I will help you get your feet out of the boots. Then he reached into my boots with his hand and pulled my foot out. He did the same to the other foot! Now I was barefoot, it was a relief I was free! He tried to get the boots out of the mud but nothing worked. We had to leave and we left the boots in the mud. The boots were stuck there and I would have to get new ones. I was a happy camper and then we gathered all the things and walked out to the car. I hugged my husband and was grateful to be alive! We put the fish in the cooler and the fishing gear into the car. It was a long drive home and it was getting late. We knew the drive home would be long but at least we survived fishing in Bird Creek!

We drove from the Seward Highway to Anchorage and then on the Glen Highway. I must have fallen asleep only to wake up with my husband shaking my shoulder. We were home and both of us were safe and sound! I went into our home tired and my nerves were on edge! My husband called me to come help with taking things in the house. I went to help him and I told him I do not want to go to Bird Creek again. He agreed with me and said it is too dangerous and you might not get free next time! He also said he was scared that I was stuck in the mud for good! I told him I was lucky this time and next time I might not be lucky! So that ended fishing in Bird Creek, I would never forget that fishing trip! Aside from getting stuck in the mud, I did have fun! But we never went there again and that was fine with me!


rose m lewis

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