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Still Hurting 2 Years After Breakup (My Heart Is Still Broken After 2 Years)

by Michael Hamilton 3 months ago in breakups
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Are you still hurting 2 years after breakup, and you want to find a way to turn it around? Breakup pain, however you look at it, is a serious thing. A lot of people feel that breakup pain could easily be handled, only to find out that it is the most difficult thing to carry. If you're in a situation where you're saying my heart is still broken after 2 years, then this might be the most important thing you've ever read.

If you want to get over the person with whom you are still in love but are no longer with, you have a long but potentially hopeful road ahead of you. The answers are never easy. No matter how much part of you wants to move on with your life, you will still have to face the breakup head-on, day-by-day.

This can be a slow process. You may think you are getting over him or her, and then, wham, a year or two later something reminds you of them and all of the pain comes flooding back into your mind and heart.

Here are some tips on how to deal with breakups:

If your now-over relationship was a long one, this is something that can possibly continue to keep you feeling sad for years - or maybe the rest of your life. Of course, that does not mean that your sadness needs to paralyze you or keep you in a state of constant depression forever. By working hard to get over the person, you can face the fact that losing them made you sad. By acknowledging the pain for what it is - a sad loss - you can go through the natural mourning process.

Once you have started moving through the pain, do everything you can to change your environment so that you are not constantly reminded of him or her. For example, you can remove visual reminders of him or her, such as photographs and gifts from them. You should even consider avoiding the places the two of you used to visit together.

Your friends or family members may seem to act as if they know what you are going through. But, beware, some of them may have ulterior motives: they may have secretly not been supportive of your relationship with your ex, so they may want you to get over things or move on to another person too quickly. With a counselor, though, you can safely tell them things about the relationship that you would not share with family or friends.

Whatever you do, promise yourself that you will do what it takes to face the pain and get through it so that you can move on in your life.

Do You Have A Broken Heart? You Can Still Win Your Ex Back!

Trying to win your ex back after a split is hard enough. Doing it with a broken heart is downright tough - even miserable. You probably wish you could wind back the clock and change what happened between the two of you. I wish you could do that too, but unfortunately it is not possible. However, you can do the next best thing. It is possible to get yourself another chance at winning your mate back, broken heart and all.

A good way to do that is to be a little bit sneaky. I do not suggest you should be dishonest. I always say, honesty is the best policy, and that goes double for personal relationships. It is more a matter of your strategy with regard to your ex.

You must play it cool, and pretend you may not even want to get back together at all. Be calm and collected, never desperate and never beg to get him or her back. Show that you are intending to move on with your life. Go out with friends and have fun, even if it kills you!

Some folks think they should put pressure on their former lover, to take them back. Big mistake. The exact opposite is what will usually work best. By pretending to be ready to move on, you give your ex the space and time they need to sort things out. Maybe they have a broken heart as well.

Even if they do not, they will have a chance to think things over, remember the good times you had together, and perhaps regret their decision to separate. He/she may soon be willing to talk about the two of you, and perhaps try the relationship again. Wait a week or two, during which you have no contact with them at all.

Then call your ex and suggest a quick coffee or walk in the park, just to talk. Ask how they are doing. Remember to keep calm, never desperate, and no begging. Above all, do not reveal your plan to your ex, or you risk losing him or her permanently.

Do not do anything obvious, like simply stating that you are happy and having fun. You must be a little more subtle than that! Your ex knows you well by now, and will probably see right through you. Instead, use body language. Project a confident, contented image. Keep your head up, look the ex in the eye, and keep a half-smile on your lips.

People cannot help but be drawn to confident, poised persons, and your former lover is surely no exception to that rule. Do not lie, but never admit that you have a broken heart. At least not until you are back together and things are all patched up between you.

You are probably asking yourself, why do this? Why this strategy? Well, the point of all this is to maintain the balance of power between you. If you chase your ex and act desperate, this reduces your power and damages your negotiating position. Your chances of getting your ex back will be reduced accordingly.

Now if your breakup was over something relatively small (do not laugh; it happens), then you should be able to begin talking again using this approach, and maybe get right back together. If the separation was over a larger, major issue, your job will be somewhat harder. If three or four weeks have rolled on by and you are still apart, then send her flowers, or ONE email or text message.

You can be a LITTLE more aggressive at this stage, because your partner may be ready to date other people by now. You certainly do not want that to happen! Speaking of which, should YOU date other people during this period? Maybe even a friend of your former mate? This is a risky maneuver. It just might awaken a spurt of anger or jealousy (or both) in your ex, and push them to reunite with you before it is too late.

If you are officially separated from your ex, then you have every right to date whomever you please. Your ex may still take you back. But if you have actually slept with someone else, that is a different story. You might want to hold off on going that far, until you see how things work out with your ex.

When you meet for coffee, talk about the good times you had together. Tell them that you miss those moments and him/her, and you want them back. Again, do not beg or plead, or act desperate, or let on that you have a broken heart.

Use this sneaky plan wisely and with caution, and only for the purpose of getting back with your ex. Return to full, open honesty with your mate as soon as you possibly can.

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